If you worry about the environment as you strive to keep things clean, you are probably always on the lookout for eco-friendly insect and pest extermination products. You can learn more about green pest control and enjoy the best of both world once you find all the right products that fit all of your criteria.

One example of a company that gives you the chance to remain a steward of the environment while keeping pests out of your home or business is Planet Orange. These types of companies have made the commitment to create and sell environmentally friendly pest control products. These types of products feature low toxicity ingredients, and the companies that develop and manufacture them are constantly trying to find new ways to further decrease toxicity levels. Finding that perfect balance, especially when trying to find something to rid your premises of pests and termites, is challenging, to say the least. Companies that use orange oil usually use D-Limonene as a primary ingredient and with a high concentration of it. Actually extracted from orange rind, this oil is a powerful tool in fighting termites that can do a large amount of damage to your home or other structure. The naturally occurring essential oil derived from the rind is a proven ingredient in ridding premises of drywood termites. As soon as a property owner determines that termites are present, it is important to devise a plan to get rid of them to avoid any further damage to your structure than the pests might have already done. Products that are friendly to the environment most likely are kinder to humans, so the chances are good that you won’t have to evacuate your home during the extermination process. This advantage alone will save you a great deal of money and save you and your family from the inconvenience of trying to find a place to stay for a few days. Additionally, with less harsh ingredients, you don’t have to worry about calling your local utilities companies, such as electric and gas, to request a temporary shut-off while you have an exterminator come in.

With so many advantages to the environment and your budget, eco-friendly products are a great choice.