When you walk into someone’s home, it can be easy to tell if they did all their interior design shopping in IKEA! These days, lots of people rely on the same big stores to decorate their house. However, your decors don’t have to blend in with all the other houses on your street. That’d be too boring! So next time you need to decorate your room, you need to remind yourself that it shouldn’t be too standard and follow an obvious trend. Why not? Here are some very good reasons.

Use Family Photos

If you stick to what the professionals tell you, then you won’t be putting up too many photos. Most interior design trends at the minute are all about minimalism. And that means no clutter! However, adding family photos to your rooms can add a nice, personal touch to your rooms. You don’t just have to stand them in photo frames. Get more creative and make cute collages. You can even get your images printed on various fabrics!

Add Colour

Lots of people tend to stick to neutral shades on their walls. This is a very safe way to decorate as there is hardly any way you can go wrong with such pale colours. But it can look ever so dull and boring! Brighten up your home with vibrant colours and funky patterns. If you know the basics about matching colours together, then you can’t go far wrong. If you don’t feel brave enough for a big wall covered in one bright colour, add vibrancy to a plain room by adding little injections of colour. Use a perspex sheet to create your own colourful ornaments and wall hangings.

Incorporate Fabrics

Fabrics are another way to keep your home decor fun and lively. Patterned fabrics on cushions, rugs and blankets are brilliant when it comes to livening up a room. And they will also make it feel super cosy as well! Think about using fabrics in unusual ways to create a unique decor. You can pin thin fabrics to the ceiling of a bedroom to give the appearance of a tent top. This is such a good idea to use in children’s nurseries!

Show Off Your Hobbies

If you have a passion in life, you should let it shine through your home interiors! Enthusiastic travellers might want to show off some of their mementos.Or other souvenirs that they have collected from around the world. While keen gardeners usually like to fill their homes with a plethora of house plants and flower arrangements. Whatever your main hobby is, try and incorporate it into your decor. How you do this is entirely up to you, as there are many ways it can be done. Think about displaying some sentimental items, antiques or other collectables that are in some way related to your hobby.

Now that you’ve read this blog post, you’ve got no excuse for a boring home decor. So it’s time to get creative and start planning your next decorating project!