Summer Home

Summer may have come and just about gone, but summer houses haven’t gone out of fashion. If you’ve ever explored the history of summer houses, you’ll know that a beautifully designed garden room can add value to your property. And you may not even need planning permission.

·         A Brief Look at Garden Rooms Through the Years

Have you ever been to Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park? If so, you may have noticed their summer houses which have been around for over 300 years. Even today, visitors are still able to stroll to Kensington Gardens and relax in Queen Caroline’s Temple which was built in a classic style in the 1700s. In fact, it was the must-have addition to the highly fashionable royal garden. If you are interested in increasing the value and beauty of your property, take a look at summer houses for sale reviewed by Whatshed.

·         What Are the Benefits of a Summer House?

These days, homeowners will do what they can to increase the space in their homes without having to spend a fortune. Instead of the upheaval of moving, more and more homeowners are opting for a summer house. It can be used as a home gym, games room, garden office, or a haven of relaxation.

Sometimes, it can be hard to relax at home. Weekends become more about getting chores done and running around. By creating a special place to really unwind and let the week’s stress melt away, you can really recharge your batteries.

·         But What About Winter?

Despite their name, summer houses are great in the winter, too. You can turn one into a cosy hideaway. Opt for a summer house made with tongue and groove cut so that the timber locks together, banishing gaps and resulting in an air tight and warm space.

Worried about the rain? Don’t be. Many people worry that damp and moisture will damage their summer house, so they are reluctant to invest in one. But, you can have the floor bearers’ pressure treated which ensures 10 years of protection against infestation and rot. So there’s no need to worry. You can also have the building treated to protect it against the elements and add value to it.

·         Design and Innovation

Sometimes, planning restrictions can make for unimaginative designs. However, summer houses can be designed in an attractive way and can offer a multitude of uses, depending on your needs, the weather, and your garden.

·         Increase the Value of Your Property

Adding a summer house to a property is bound to offer a favourable return on investment. In fact, it has been said that garden rooms can add as much as 5 – 20 percent to your home’s value, making them a highly attractive proposition for sellers and buyers alike, with buyers especially being enticed by the draw of a stunning and practical garden feature. This is especially true in cities where space is limited and every inch counts.

Don’t worry about summer being on its way out, you can build a summer house to use at any time of the year!