As our children grow up and have new needs, it can feel like we are forever shopping. But each new shopping expedition can really feel like a rite of passage for your little one as they grow up. Sometimes these purchases can make us quite emotional. Other times we may be feeling so glad we have finally reached a certain stage. Whatever it is you are buying next, there are lots more to come with a growing child!

As your children get bigger, you will find it necessary to keep remodelling your home to compensate. As babies, there are lots of messes to clean up that may see you needing to redecorate every few months. Eventually, the cot is exchanged for a proper bed. You can look at girls and boys beds that might be suitable online. If you have used a nursery room for baby, you may now need to remodel the space to allow for more child-friendly storage solutions. You may even choose to use a different bedroom if the nursery is particularly small.
And before you know it, they are starting school. When our kids wave goodbye to us for the first time at the school gates it makes us feel like crying. We’ll miss them, but we will definitely enjoy having some time to be a grown up again!

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If you are looking for something to do once your children go to school, you may be interested in redecorating or even remodelling your house in its entirety. It is a big change for all of you and will change your lifestyle and routines substantially when the kids are no longer at home all day. It is the perfect time to start reclaiming some adult spaces as well.
Once your children are school age, they tend to be happier keeping to their own spaces like their bedroom or their playroom. It helps them develop a sense of identity and to know what is theirs. Creating a child’s bedroom requires quite a bit of creativity. Ideally, it will be themed in line with their interests in mind. If they love trains, you may look at some train related furniture and accessories. You may even choose to paint a mural on the wall.
If you have school age kids, you are probably already aware that these are the rooms we decorate and remodel most as their needs change. Storage is essential if they are to keep all their most treasured possessions safe and sound in their own space. Look for bright colors for younger children, or purchase something used and shabby chic for you to add your own touches to.

Having a family is great for those who love to stretch their home decor models with unique and creative ideas for storage and style. Maintaining family areas becomes easier as children start to use their own spaces more and more. Eventually, you may even choose to remodel the house to include additional rooms to separate the different uses you may need.