Most people fully trust the agents they are associated with when buying a house. This is maybe from the fact that they have worked with them before or they were recommended to them by a close friend. As much as the agent is supposed to put your interest fist, remember that he is only human and he’s  putting his own needs before yours.Dealing with an agent

When dealing with an agent you should make sure that the negotiation process follows protocol and that your expectations are met. Some desperate agents whose contracts are about to expire may get impatient and force you to close a deal which might lead to the price being increased or lowering your expectations. In either way your needs will not have been met. This is why you need to get a genuine agent who puts your priorities first and not his selfish ambitions.Most buyers who are purchasing a house for the first time may feel inadequate, forcing them to turn to agents. It is important for you as a buyer to at least have some useful knowledge of the real estate to ensure that you are not misled. Do not be in a hurry to buy since this will not give you a good chance to negotiate. The negotiation process is in no doubt very important. Take your time and have a pre-purchase building inspection conducted on the house.Why is a pre-purchasebuilding inspection important?

This inspection is carried out to ensure that your house or whatever building you are buying is free from any kind of defects or problems. It is like a test drive that you have to do before buying a car. Nobody wants to spend a huge sum of money on a house that has a million and one defects. When conducting this inspection, the inspector looks for both major and minor defects. No house is perfect; especially those that have been used previously and defects may be here and there.What a building inspection consists of

If a defect is found the next step is for the buyer to make a decision on whether the defect is something that they can handle or not. It is not advisable for a buyer to cancel a deal just because of minor problems that are easy to handle and inexpensive for that matter. Remember almost all buildings have repair and maintenance issues. What you need to do is determine the seriousness of the problem. Ask yourself if it is a defect too serious that it will affect its market value or bring harm to the occupants.A building and pest inspection for a building measuring 2000 square feet can go for about 200 to 600 dollars. Have a professional who abides all the rules of Standards of Practice and Ethics agreement do it.Usually the inspection requires the inspector not to do anything that is risky such as digging the ground to observe the plumbing system or walking on roofs. The inspector is also prohibited from moving the owners’ stuff. What they do is inspect the building step by step, from the foundation to the roof. The time taken will depend on the size and age of the building. Older houses and buildings will take a longer time for the possibility of them having outdated items. As a buyer you need to understand that building and pest inspections are just a visual examination; not a guarantee. Some accessories may fail after purchasing the building.