A lot of furniture these days is mass produced and seems somehow lacking in style or personality. It is often functional without adding much to your room. mirrored-furniture-2-1830291

Mirrored furniture could not be further from this description, as it combines function with character and enhances your space.Beautiful and interesting furniture can really lift a room while also being useful.

Mirrors are a great way to create an illusion of space. You can widen narrow spaces, or open up small or dark rooms simply through the careful placement of a mirror. Glass or mirrored furniture works in a similar way – a well chosen item instantly adds light to your room and instead of looking like it’s taking up space it can actually work well in small rooms to help them feel less cramped.

There are two main styles of mirrored furniture. There is the classic Venetian style, which is quite feminine. Often found on dressing tables or nightstands it involves touches such as curved, elegant legs, floral or elegant designs carved into the glass, scalloped edges and intricately carved handles. It evokes a feeling of old style Hollywood glamour and beauty.  mirrored-furniture-6666023

Surrounding yourself with mirrors in this way could be seen as vain but it is actually a way to add light, glamour and femininity to your room, particularly bedrooms. It goes well with rococo designs, shabby chic, light floral patterns or even simple, neutral décors. Introduce some pastel colours and a couple of embroidered cushions and you can instantly transform your bedroom. The mirrors on the furniture will pick up and reflect the colours, and it is a great way to add one dramatic or striking visual point to a room.

Alternatively, mirrored furniture can have a very different effect on a room. Paired with black furnishings and dark colour schemes, chrome or laminate surfaces and hard edges it creates a striking and daring masculine feel. This can work really well throughout modern properties, particularly professional flats and apartments, for a modern sleek interior.


It might seem like a high maintenance finish for a practical item but it is actually relatively easy to maintain. Simply wipe and polish in the way you would an ordinary mirror. When you’re moving it around avoid dragging it as this could damage joints and obviously take care not to bash the surface, but other than that it is easy to care for and enjoy these striking designs which add character and light to your room.