No matter which wonderful style of décor you have chosen for your home, it is important to realise that your internal doors matter too. Without perhaps realising it, each and every one of them offers a welcoming gesture to guests about to enter an individual room. Getting it right is therefore important.


With that in mind however, there is out in the great wide world, a whole range of wonderful ideas and themes, but which doors suit which styles?

Oak Doors

If you enjoy a traditional or rustic feel to your home, then an internal oak door is probably the best option for you. As oak is one of the most traditional and natural materials in any British house, it compliments rustic décor perfectly.

The great thing about rustic décor is of course the fact that it celebrates nature, which means that you can pick up furniture and decorative elements to your home for very little expense.

In fact, if you’re lucky enough to live by the coast, you have the opportunity to use driftwood to your advantage and sculpt magnificent pieces of art into just about anything you desire.

With many people turning to the internet to buy their doors, you can buy, relatively cheaply, internal doors supplied by companies such as Oakwood doors.

Glass doors

Traditional décor isn’t quite for everyone though, and those who are just making a start to life may just prefer something more modern and perhaps a little more spacious and with that in mind, a frosted glass door for example, could be the perfect addition to a home aiming for that cool, distinct look.

Modern décor, though some may not actually know it, is actually a totally different style to contemporary décor.

Modern décor, perhaps surprisingly so, is actually based around décor trends based from the 1920s right through to the 1950s, encompassing the classiest and most excitingstyles of the aforementioned decades.

Of course, two of the most popular elements of modern décor incorporates both glass and steel, two things that are heavily featured throughout the fashion.

Steel Doors

A type of door which takes a highly modern eye to appreciate, steel doors have been enjoyed and featured quite heavily in high raised city apartments and cool suburban flats.

Whereas modern decor is of course 20th century styling, contemporary represents whatever fashion is currently trending at the moment; perfectly living up to its namesake.

Despite that however, contemporary décor does heavily lend its influence from other styles, including Modern Décor and fashions which encompass space, light colours and minimalism.

Though some may find a steel door a little cold, if found within a spacious, luxury penthouse pad for example, a sleek steal door fits perfectly within the lifestyle of a highflying executive or young couple simply out to enjoy life within the city.