If you are in the process of designing a new kitchen you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of choice of fixtures and fittings there is available on the market. Kitchens need to be stylish, functional and practical, and it will pay to put a great deal of thought into your fixtures and fittings before you take the plunge. Installing something you are later unhappy with will cause you daily frustration, and it will be expensive to remedy.

Kitchen sinks are not all created equal! There is a plethora of choice when it comes down to style, colour and design. Here are some key things to consider:


Sinks are available in all sorts of materials, such as stainless steel, stone, granite, marble, cast iron and ceramic. A good choice is a ‘composite’ sink which is made from a mix of granite and quartz. Stainless steel is probably the easiest to keep clean, but it can look a little ‘commercial’. If you’re looking for something stylish and different then cast iron will really do the job!


Your choices will be limited by the amount of space you have to fill. If you are designing a kitchen from scratch then you will be able to take this in mind, but if you are looking to fill an existing space you may have to compromise a little. The important thing to remember is to measure the space carefully before you go shopping – a few extra millimetres either side may not seem like much, but when the time comes to fit it, you might change your mind!


Many people opt for a double basin – this can really come in handy if you tend to have piles of washing up to tackle on a daily basis! There is plenty of room for lots of pot and pans. It’s also great for preparing food – just pop a chopping board over the top of one and you instantly have more chopping space. Some sink designs have a little hole in the middle for food scraps, which can be whisked away by your rubbish removal if you have one attached. Double basins are always a great choice if you have the space.


Taps are an important consideration too. There are plenty of different types on the market, from hot and cold combo taps to separate ones. A hose attachment with a shower head on the end is a great idea for washing larger items such as big pans, buckets and other large receptacles. Choose taps which are easy to clean and that don’t impede the water pressure.

A kitchen sink is the most important part of any kitchen – do your research and you’ll find the perfect one for you. If you are serious about kitchen design then have a look at some online interior design websites, as well as magazines, for added inspiration. You too can have a kitchen that is stylish and practical, and once it’s installed you won’t look back!