Are you looking for the best repair service for your heating and air conditioning unit? There are a lot of available service companies out there. However, there are some questions you must ask before hiring one. This ensures that the company you hire will provide the services you need without hassle on your end. Take note of the following 14 questions to ask an AC repair and installation service:

  • What size system will I need?

Many individuals don’t understand that AC systems aren’t one-size-fits-all. A fantastic contractor won’t attempt to sell you one of the greatest, most costly units available. Instead, a good contractor will explain and justify to you that your choice in unit is dependent upon the dimensions of the room or home, amount of color around your house, the security of the insulation, and other aspects regarding your house and including its energy efficiency.

Usually, you are going to require a 1.5-ton AC unit for each 600 to 900 square feet. However, the repair person may provide you a more precise estimate depending on the requirements and condition of your home.

  • Are there any new technologies that I need to consider?

Technology is progressing in each market, and the area of HVAC is just the same. Bright thermostats and much more energy efficient components will probably be available when it is time to repair or replace your AC, so it is best to be informed about the most recent products.

  • Is your new system energy-efficient? How?

This query will get you ready for the expenses of your system after installation. From time to time, it is a much better investment to buy the more expensive, more effective model than it is to have the least expensive choice that will increase your utility bill every month.

  • What brands can you offer?

Not all brands are created alike, thus not all AC contractors offer the same in brand choice. Request which brands the AC repair company installs and the reason why they enjoy those brands. Then, do some research to ascertain which unit will work best for your situation before employing the repair company.

Anytime you have a contractor doing work on or around your house, it’s essential they have insurance. Request details about exactly what their insurance policy covers so you are aware that you will not be responsible if a worker gets hurt on your premises or whether he or she causes harms. Reject any repair contractor with insufficient coverage.

  • What is the physical address of your office?

After getting their address, it is important that you check if it is a legal business. You would be astonished how many builders attempt to work from their homes or the number of scammers who are trying to manhandle you for your money. Should they have a legit, physical workplace, it is more probable they are properly certified, licensed, and insured with sufficient expertise to do a fantastic job.

  • Are you certified and licensed?

Check for appropriate licenses and certificates prior to hiring. First of all, check that they are licensed in your state. You must guarantee that the company you are hiring is certified by the EPA and North American Technical Excellence (NATE) to handle those services. Certifications and licenses indicate a degree of excellence which reinforces the notion that you are in great hands.

If the repair service you are hiring possesses these certifications and licenses, it implies that they are constantly acquiring training, experience, and support in their business.  Thus, they are equipped with the most latest techniques.

  • How long have you been in operation?

The longer they have been in operation, the better. It demonstrates that they not only have expertise, but it also guarantees that they have loyal customers who continue to contact them for their services. This indicates that they you can trust them to handle your AC repair needs.

  • Can you give some references whom I could contact?

Great builders will have a couple names of former clients on hand whom you may contact to offer testimony of the quality service the repair company provided. Additionally, start looking for testimonials on the internet and on social media to appraise others clients’ experiences.

  • What is the policy regarding customer satisfaction?

Ask them if there will be refunds or other compensation if the work or agency does not meet your satisfaction. In the minimum, the corporation should promise to correct the problem if there are any issues with installation or service.

  • Can you use my present ductwork?

When a builder says you must replace your complete HVAC system, it is normal to probe a bit. Ask questions regarding the caliber of your ductwork and your ventilation. If you do not know the logic and proof behind their claims, get another opinion. Fixing the whole system is a significant, costly endeavor, therefore it is important that you understand why it is happening.

  • Are you going to handle all the necessary licenses and approvals from local governments?

In most cases, you will find specific licenses that follow installing a brand new AC unit or HVAC system. This is not something you want to deal with yourself, so ensure your contractor will deal with all the legalities of this circumstance.

  • What are your payment terms?

After performing a significant job, know if they have to be paid in full up front or if it is possible to do it on an established payment schedule. AC installations and repairs do not come cheap, so prepare yourself for the bill and know the repair contractor’s policies.

  • How long will your service take?

Guarantee that the schedule matches your schedule and plans prior to beginning the repair project. Additionally, be certain that the Houston AC repair provider is including time for cleaning after the job is completed so that you do not wind up with a gaping hole in your walls and plaster and dust all over your furniture.

Emma Keyes

Emma Keyes is a writer periodically submitting work to the Houston AC repair service provider like Clear the Air AC. She understands that some articles can be technical in nature, and she knows part of her responsibility is to make those pieces understandable for readers. As such she always strives to make sure her pieces aren’t just informative, but easy to understand as well.