Whether it be a conservatory for sun bathing or adding an extra floor by using the space in the loft, extending your property can dramatically change the sense of space and character of a property.  Knowing what extension is right for you and your property can be difficult. There is really a massive choice in extensions with pros can cons for all of the types of extensions.

To make the most of your extension you must first set out what that extension is required for, what you expect to do in that new space and how much of a disturbance you are willing to allow in the construction of the extension.

Making use of wasted space at the top of your property can be a really great idea, however loft extension require planning permission and a lot of work insulating and adding skylights. These are perfect extension for properties with wide high loft.  Having a wider tall roof maximises the loft space and increase the area in the extension that you can stand in.  Single story extension can be anything from conservatories to additional rooms or extension of rooms. Planning permission (in UK) is normally only required for extension larger than 3metre (Soon to be 8 metres under changes of the government). These are perfect for extending a lounge or kitchen and are the preferred choice of extension across the UK.

Whether you extend your galley style kitchen or add a breakfast bar to your kitchen these extensions are perfect for adding that extra little bit of space.  During construction these extension can require external wall to be removed and some builds can be quite disruptive to the household. 

While Life Pods or Cubes as some people called them are not really popular in the UK the market for prefabricated extensions is growing in Europe particularly in German and Holland. These prefabricated extensions are perfect for gardenoffices or relaxing quite rooms. While these types of extension are not atheistically pleasing to some they are one of the fastest and cost effective ways of adding a large area to your property. The prefabricated extension are designed and build before been erected at the property. All the electrics and plumbing required are already installed into the walls of the module. The separated room would require connecting to the houses mains. This would require a large tunnel for pipes back to the house and an electrician and/or plumber to connect the pipes/wires. If ever extension you decide to build on your property always check building regulations with your local authorities, getting planning permission can take several months.