Our parents look after us for a huge portion of our lives and in their latter years the very least we can do is to return the favour. We all want to see our parents enjoying their golden years to the maximum and part of this enjoyment will come from seeing them having the time and financial independence to do the things they have always wanted to.

The home

When it comes to living independently during our later years our choice of home is vital. Retirement homes, such as McCarthy & Stone Later Living and Assisted Living apartments, provide quality accommodation that will help elderly loved ones live as independently as possible with the added reassurance or help at hand should it be needed.

Independent retirement properties mean that your parents or grandparents can own their own home and live in a purpose-built development without having to perform difficult tasks such as maintaining the property and garden. With an emphasis on developing a community-feel, residents of retirement homes have the choice of socialising with other residents and even participating in certain events and activities.

To help your loved ones who are now enjoying their golden years live a fulfilling and independent life it might be a good idea to take a look around some retirement homes in their area.

Be patient and positive

When you’re planning for your loved one’s latter years it’s important to remember what is best for you might not always be best for them. To help elderly people live independently it’s important to be patient, listen to what they say and be positive. Try to remain enthusiastic about their options and welcome any suggestions your parents or grandparents might make about what kind of lifestyle they want to have in the later stages of their life.

Always be there

Remaining in regular contact with an elderly relative can help them live independently without fulltime help. Having said this it can be somewhat demoralising and patronising for someone of mature years to get showered with the attention and help of younger family and friends so make sure you don’t smother them with kindness. Try to get the balance right by being there for them to provide help and assistance without getting in the way.