A house is more than a stack of bricks and mortar. With the right love and care (and building credentials), you could turn that amorphous mass of rooms into something more concrete (if you’ll pardon the pun) – you could turn it into a home.

The ideal renovations aid practicality and interior design. Like the scales of justice, striking that balance will make your home impress everyone who steps through your threshold.

But what should you do to enjoy style that will make a perfect house AND home? 

The ideal view

Your windows are grubbier than a grumbling pervert and more rickety than a deckchair made from matchsticks. Yet a lot of us will try to ignore these dodgy panes – but in doing so we’re drawing the curtains over a ton of design possibilities.

When you team up with a top class provider, you’ll have the choice between a vast range of window frames. Structurally, slidingsash windows offer the best designs and flexibility, all with a sleek look that will fit neatly within any home.

But that’s only one option of many. Make the right decision and you’ll have a clean and clear view  all time. 

Lofty ideas

An unused attic is a horror movie waiting to happen – must and dust and mouldy boxes, some of which contain creepy Victorian-era dolls and eerie sounding music boxes. Mix that with a few cobwebs, and you’d half expect Jason Voorhees to pop out of one of those boxes and embark on a spree.

So it’s time to put that loft to some good use, by converting it into a spare room.

A loft conversion will add thousands to the value of your property, and can be a great way to add some life to your home. After all, just consider the possibilities – your new room could be for music, games, your new big-screen telly or even just a chill out zone to help you kick back and relax.

Moreover, a conversion will add a whole new level of insulation into your home. So what are you waiting for? 

Gardens with grandeur

You don’t so much have a garden as a patch of dirt behind your house. Well, it’s time for all that to change.

Now that summer’s in full swing, head into that garden and spruce it up. Mow your lawn and plant some flowers for minimal pizzazz.

But if you fancy something a little more elaborate, add a focalpoint to your garden, such as a water feature or gazebo. The extra effort will make your garden a pleasure to spend some time in. And who knows – tending to your new space might even give you the perfect hobby.