When you first move into a new house, it doesn’t really feel like home until you’ve made it your own. Once the rooms within the house are ready to be decorated, it is up to you as the homeowner to make a decision on the designs you want within the home, and how you are going to best utilise the features within. By gaining inspiration from attractive designs, you can really bring your home to life and make it feel homely.

The biggest focus is using the right patterns, choosing the right furniture, and usually the most important of all, choosing the right colours which aren’t overbearing. Though it can be difficult, you can gain some fantastic ideas through viewing other’s designs, and basically gain inspiration from which you can add your own touches as you see fit. Remember it’s your home, so you can mimic various ideas as long as you bring your own individual flavour and are happy with the results.


This first example is perfect, because it showcases a very basic room, but indicates the potential for even the simplest and perhaps smallest of spaces. This proves that you can get the most out of even the smallest spaces, where this room would be nothing special withoututilising a range of colours on a crisp white backdrop and a fantastic wooden floor, creating what would be a proud achievement for most homeowners.

This is the perfect environment for leisure, eating, and most importantly spending time with family.Take note of how the colours are not overpowering, but still bring great dimension to the room and serve as a wonderful contrast to the crisp white walls. Contrast is a critical achievement in interior design, where colours which offset each other become the perfect complement.

Bring even the most basic rooms to life by using simple, yet very effective designs and use of colours.


Next we have an example of a stronger use of colours, but one which creates an almost tropical atmosphere. This is a great contrast to the previous design, which uses minimalistic colour to achieve surprisingly impressive results. This time around, the homeowner has decided upon a bold use of colours, intending to create a very vibrant and attractive room.

By using a nature themed background, including various plants, it creates a natural, authentic environment, giving the impression of tranquillitywhilst using extremely dominant colours. This is difficult to achieve, so it is important to consider the right balance within each room. By featuring a green sofa, purple carpet, cushions and a yellow chair, the room is a real mishmash of colours, but despite being so it is very appealing to the eye.


It is easy to overdo it, but this room manages to maintain its balance whilst using a variety of vibrant colours which could arguably clash, but through a wondrous compilation of furniture and a natural back wall manage to come together in perfect complement.

Finally here we have a two tone room, which takes advantageous of just the white and black shades. This is a very clean look for a room, and is especially modern. You could argue that this modern approach takes some of the homeliness and comfort out of the room, but if used correctly this technique can achieve fantastic results. By taking elements of the design above and meshing them with your own more comforting ideas, you can achieve a great balance, but nevertheless create a modern environment, with added colour if preferred.

These photos should serve as fantastic inspiration when decorating your home, and remember to keep an open mind and consider all possibilities!

Author Bio: Jessica Taylor loves everything to do with the home and can be found sharing tips and advice on interior design, home improvement, and gardening on a range of home styling blogs around the net. When she’s not busy working with Nexus Home Improvementsor juggling her own home improvement projects she enjoys taking long walks with her dog Mollie!