Pump bottles, especially foam pump bottles are designed to make work easier for users. These bottles are primarily designed to store watery like substances, mainly soap and washing or cleaning solutions which have water like consistency. Pump bottles are usually made of glass or plastic or other material as per their usage. The liquid stored in these bottles are generally meant to create foam and this is what the pumps are generally provided for in these bottles. The liquid used in all pump bottles is generally water based so that foam is easily formed with normal air and no additional propellants or gases are used for the purpose.

Pump bottles are often used in commercial establishments and office too. They are used to store liquid soap which is often diluted. At times these pumps for bottles are specially designed to be able foam gels too which are stored in the bottle. Gel soaps are often rich in thickeners which need water in order to dilute them. If the liquid is not in proper consistency or in water thin, it might reduce the effectiveness of pumps for bottles. This will reduce the foam ability of the soap.

Pump bottles are quite useful for storing handmade liquid soaps. They work quite well in foam glass pump bottles as they are usually thin, as they start and are generally not loaded with thickeners and fillers which is not good for health.

How Do The Pumps For Bottle Work

Just inside this glass pump bottle, there is a special foamy pump bottle which has a mesh screen that helps in mixing the air with soap which helps in producing foam. There are small microscopic holes, which clog very easily. Thus, when using these special pumps, do not use solid particles as they tend to clump together and are too big to pass through. Those who wish to add color to liquid soaps can use dye approved colors which is suitable or approved for specific cosmetic use. This kind of coloring does not contain solid particles.

It is important to take care of your glass pump bottle so that they are effective for long run. All glass pump bottles can be easily refilled and used again which makes them very popular. These pump bottles are not suitable for use under running water. They are not used under shower also. If they are used under running water, they might just seep down into neck and get in the chambers that are located just beneath pumps.

It is also important not to overfill all these bottles. If the measurement is done for right quantity of liquid, as per the size of the bottle, it will work the best. The pump mechanism of this bottle, has very little lubricant, which helps in keeping the pump moving smoothly. You can use pump bottles in any number of ways you wish.

Available in a large number of sizes and designed for different purposes a glass pump bottle is certainly designed to make life easier and convenient.