Updating a property can be a costly affair, but it is possible to freshen up the look of your home on any budget.  QuickMove Now has put together its top tips for home improvement at any cost.

Budget of £20,000+: If you’re lucky enough to have a budget of more than £20,000, a home extension will be the most profitable addition to your home.  There are several different routes you can take, which will depend largely on the layout of your property and the size of your budget.  Garage conversion, loft conversions, conservatories and traditional extensions are all popular choices. 

Budget of £5,000 – £20,000: With a budget of £5,000 – £20,000 you should be able to carry out some major interior changes.  Kitchens and bathrooms are often the most costly rooms to update, but with a budget of this size there’s the potential to be able to update both, and the money spent will be reflected in the value and the saleability of your property.

Budget of under £5,000: If you have a budget of under £5,000 there is still a lot you can do to update your property.  The key is to keep the more expensive items neutral and update the property with accessories.  So, what are the biggest trends for this Spring?

Spring colours – Soft, muted colours are tipped to be a hit again this Spring and into Summer.  Pastel pinks and blue, together with fresh green and yellow bursts are set to complement every room of the house.  

Feminine florals – We’ve seen a wave of feminine florals across the last few seasons, both in fashion and across interior design trends, and that’s set to continue for a while to come.  Delicate floral patterns, featuring hues of wild flowers, will be seen on a wide range of soft furnishings and décor.

Au naturel – Much of the home décor trends popular for the seasons ahead incorporate the concept of removing barriers between interior and exterior, with nature and all things natural making a big impact.  This will be reflected not just in patterns and shades, but also in materials being used.   Upcycling and the use of natural and sustainable materials remain a driving motivation for many interior designers, with conscientious consumers driving demand.

Furniture pieces will have smooth, free-flowing lines that don’t distract from the lightness of other pieces and there’ll be a Scandinavian influence particularly in living spaces.