Damp proofing is giving the consumers an increasing number of choices every day. So, it is up to your jurisdiction which product you choose out of all these choices to get the “no more damp” result. This requires you to carefully look into the condition of your house. You need to figure out whether your house is having a damp-related problem or is it actually water that is seeping into the house in some way. The effective way to look for answers is to examine the exteriors of your property. The best way to get rid of this problem is to dig the earth away from the walls of the house so that the water cannot come in direct contact with your house. Some houses or apartments have an originally lower high ground level. But if you are facing high ground level problems, it is suggested that you get professionals to help you rid you of this problem as soon as possible.

How does Damp Proofing Help?

Damp proofing provides a barrier to the foundation walls so that it can prevent the moisture and dampness from seeping into your house. If the house encounters dampness, it can lead to the growth of mould and mildew which are quite dangerous for the health of the persons living inside the house. Dampness and the consequent growth of mould and mildew are the reasons for people suffering from bronchitis or the aggravation of asthma. Therefore, damp proofing is needed to prevent these dangerous situations to arise in your family.

Damp proof membrane for walls prevents water from seeping into your house through the walls, floors and the materials used to construct your building, that is, through the brick and the mortar. Mortar allows water to seep into the house through the soil and causes dampness in the house.

The more destructive effect of damp is the seepage of water, and consequently, the walls and floors get weakened and slowly start developing cracks. This allows more and more water to seep into the walls through the cracks.

It is important for you to take immediate and quick initiative if you see cracks appearing in your walls. Sometimes, when you call the damp proofing professionals, they will be at a loss because they will not be able to apply any damp proofing solutions because with the cracks, the damp has reached to dangerous levels in your house. This will lead to no solution besides of total house reconstruction which will be a huge expenditure. So, it is important that you keep a track of the developing problems in your house and take appropriate measures before it is too late.

The professional damp proofing companies like Basement Living treat the dampness in your house with such material that is quite effective in combating the damp problems. Some ways to take care of damp problems in your house:

    Applying paint for damp proofing is a good way to put a check on the developing damp in your house. This is not a simple matter of slapping black bitumen on the walls of your house. There are numerous ways to use damp proof paint. But you need to be prepared thoroughly before you apply these paints as many times, these paints cause more problems than they solve. If this method does combat damp, it will only do so by being a barrier to the damp. 

    Damp proof membrane for walls is an effective way to combat damp in the house. These cavity membranes are dimpled sheets which can be applied by the hand or with special fixings, internally or externally. You can either apply it on the direct plaster mesh or dot & dab the plasterboard onto the product. There are options to choose from like membranes that are from 3mm to 8mm in depth and are made of HDPP or HDPE.