Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than to organise a Christmas fair for your school or college? There are lots of things that you can do to make it a successful event and the money made from it can go towards new equipment for your school or charity, if that’s what it is in aid of.

Set Up The Space

Your school hall may not be big enough or you may need additional space to host your event so hiring out a marque to put outdoors could be the perfect answer. Not only will it provide shelter from the weather in case it rains, it can also create a much more Christmassy effect if you decorate it properly. You can decide how big you need it and hire one that it is suitable for your needs.

Keep It Cosy

Although the marque will provide some shelter, it will probably still be extremely cold. Make sure that you have suitable heaters around the area to ensure that it is warm enough; your guests aren’t going to want to stay if it’s too cold. By making it seem warm and cosy the atmosphere will be much more appealing, making people want to stay for longer.

Get Your Stalls Ready

Start making a list of all of the people that want to participate, whether they sell cakes, Christmas ornaments, refreshments, hold raffles, games, competitions, face paintings and whatever else you want to include. Make sure each task is assigned to someone, and get everyone involved. You also need to get your very own Father Christmas so that all of the children have something to look forward to!

Get The Decorations Out

If you are going to be throwing a Christmas fair you need to make sure that it feels like Christmas. Decorate the area with tinsel, ornaments, handmade snowflakes and stars. You also need to set up a Christmas tree and your Santa’s Grotto, creating a real magical atmosphere. If you are a primary school, you could get the kids to help make some decorations to help them feel involved.


Whether you put leaflets in your kids’ book bags, send out letters to parents or hang a banner outside the school, you need to make sure people know about the event. You need to spread the word as quickly as possible; if your school has a social media page such as Facebook and Twitter you should put it on there as well, especially as it’s free. When advertising, also ask for donations of items as many parents like to get involved and show their support.

Have Fun

Making sure everything runs smoothly can be hard work, so make sure you take a break, have fun, socialise with everyone, take part in a few games and eat lots of food. That’s what Christmas is all about and you should go and enjoy it!