The bathroom is one of those places that often gets overlooked when you are thinking about redecorating. This may be because it is a room of necessity or because redecorating the bathroom is seen as being somewhat pricey. However, giving your bathroom a new look doesn’t have to cost too much.

A quick spruce up, a splash of paint and a few accessories can work wonders, giving your bathroom a fresh, new look.

For some fantastic tips for giving your bathroom a revamp, have a read below:

Repaint the walls

It is amazing how much of a difference a simple coat of paint can make to a room, and best of all, it is not expensive to do.

Don’t just settle on plain white walls, opt for a colour with a bit more character to it. If your bath, shower, sink, and toilet are all white, then the walls can be painted any colour of your choice. Colours like pastel blue, navy blue and lemon are all popular bathroom choices.

Adding some colour to your bathroom will make it into a much livelier and more inviting space to be in – you could even wallpaper one wall as a statement piece. If you are planning on adding wallpaper to your bathroom, make sure to choose a style that is suitable for bathrooms. Otherwise, the paper may end up peeling off.

Add in some artwork

A bathroom doesn’t need to be a dull place, use some artwork to add more colour to the space.

In terms of creativity, the bathroom is often overlooked. Pick a piece of artwork that is bright and bold and draws your eyes to it as soon as you walk in. Make sure that any artwork you choose goes with your wallpaper or wall colour – you don’t want it to clash.

Think about tiles

Wave goodbye to dull white tiles, instead opt for coloured tiles and use them to bring even more colour to the room. If you put the tiles in yourself, then they won’t cost you too much. If you need to employ someone to put the tiles in for you, try to find someone who won’t overcharge you – a friend or relative perhaps?

Sometimes giving a room a new lease of life, is as simple as adding in some key accessories. Have a think about the colours in your bathroom – the walls, tiles, flooring, toilet seat, etc. and think about how you can tie the whole room together.
Things like pretty toothbrush holders, attractive shower curtains, cute jars and bowls for storage, and new towels can make all the difference. For unique and interesting bathroom accessories you can visit

Add a vase of flowers

A vase of fresh flowers can help to freshen up just about any room. If you are looking for a longer term option, buy an orchid from your local garden centre and place it in the bathroom, either on a windowsill or on a shelf.