Furniture can make or break a room. Choosing the right style and color can help you create a chic decor. However, if you slip up and pick a risky design, it can make your whole room look dated or uncoordinated. So it is fair to say that picking furniture isn’t a decision to be taken lightly!

Need a helping hand in this big decision? Here are some top tips for choosing your furniture.

There’s one thing you should start thinking about before buying cool, decorative furnishings. First, plan the basic pieces of furniture. In your living room, you will need a sofa, arm chairs, and coffee table. Decide on these first and then you will know how much space you have left for other items. If you don’t plan the main things first, you might end up buying decorative pieces that look too big for the room. They could make the whole decor appear slightly out of proportion.

2. Materials

Each piece of furniture will need to be built out of solid materials but still be comfy enough to enjoy. You can even buy super cozy garden furniture these days. Check out Rattan Garden Furniture for examples. If a piece of furniture is sturdy, then it will last longer. For example, sofas and beds will go through a lot of wear and tear, so it is important that they can withstand a lot of use. If you buy cheap furniture, it may look very flimsy.

3. Architecture is Important

When you are thinking of adding some new furniture into a room, you should always consider the room’s architectural features. Things like windows, alcoves, and fireplaces must always be taken into consideration. If your furniture blocks one of these features, it could make the room feel cluttered. These certain features could also prevent your furniture from fitting into the room as you had hoped.

4. Trends

Be careful about buying a piece of furniture that is extremely trendy. Sure, it may look great right now, but how long will the style remain in fashion? Furniture isn’t something we can afford to replace regularly, so you need to ensure your new piece won’t appear dated in no time at all. If possible, try and choose a timeless piece of furniture rather than something very fashionable.

5. Fabrics and Colors

If your new piece of furniture is going to be in a formal room, then a high-quality and light coloured fabric can look very elegant and stylish. However, if the piece is going in an oft-used room, then light colours could be a bad idea. If they are being rubbed and sat on a lot, then they could discolor quite quickly. This is also an important factor to consider if you live with small children. Sticky hands could easily get white or cream colored furniture dirty in no time at all!

Hopefully, these tips will give you some great ideas for creating a very unique home. Try and let your family’s personality shine through the decor!