It’s not always necessary to hire a professional to design your home, although it can be easier if you don’t have a strong sense of aesthetics, line and light. You can do it yourself – just bear in mind these major interior design pitfalls and you should be well on your way!


Getting Too Creative
Don’t be overly ambitious when it comes to redecorating a room. Often, spaces are at their best when the colours are simple, lines are clean and the area is free of clutter. It takes a skilled hand to know when and how to combine patterns, so unless you know what you’re doing, keep it simple and use colour accents from the same family to highlight areas, rather than blocks of clashing colour. This is particularly important when it comes to small spaces, where too much colour can be overwhelming and make the area feel cramped.


Oversized furniture
While it can be tempting to go for the king-sized bed, just because you can, placing incorrectly-scaled furniture into a space is the fastest way to make it appear small and cramped. If you need a three-seater sofa and the room is large enough to handle it, of course you should go for it. But if you can scale the size of the furniture back, it will open up the room and create space so it feels bigger.


Too Much in Too Little
Over-furnishing a room is all-too-common, especially with renters who have to work around existing furniture, and newlyweds who get given odds and ends by well-meaning relatives and friends. Cluttering a room with couches, ottomans, coffee tables, bookshelves and bins can make a room feel cramped and uncomfortable to be in. If you haven’t got space for the item, sell or give it away.


Embracing the Dark SideLighting can make or break a space. Whilst it’s nice to have a romantic, dimly-lit room every now and then, rooms that are perpetually darkened are gloomy, claustrophobia-inducing places to be. They seem cold and a little frightening. Firstly, harvest natural light by adjusting the type of window furnishings – roman blinds are a fashionable modern choice that allow in plenty of sunlight, while venetian blinds are a durable option for places like the bathroom and kitchen.

Secondly, ensure you have adequate lighting for the room. There are plenty of fixtures to choose from and you should also make sure that you’re comfortable with the type of light being used.


Trying to Stay On-Trend
While it might be great to own this season’s coat or It dress, it doesn’t make sense to use outlandish furnishings. Like fashion, it dates – and when it dates, it’s not as simple as donating it to charity. Replacing dated furniture and designs can be expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient. It’s far better to stick with classic, simple and clean lines in neutral colours for your walls and major pieces, and then add colours in the form of inexpensive accessories like cushions or a throw.


It goes without saying that you should also plan your project well, ensuring that you have adequate time, money and energy, and that you aren’t taking on too much. If you are planning to extensively redecorate, make sure you have an alternative space to use while that area is a work-in-progress.

N.B: Here Pictures are not showing the mistakes. Pictures are showing some inspirational interior design.