There are many proverbs associated with pipes. Necessity is the mother of invention. This saying is true to its cause, and water has proven this fact by the invention of the underrated pipes. Out of sight, out of mind; most mainstream people do not really see the importance of pipes because they never really deal with it until the time comes. Imagine if we have just built our dream house with everything fitted perfectly and we forget about the smaller things such as a simple but needed guttering system. All of a sudden, it rains hard and before we know it, our home enters the state of immediate degradation due to harsh weather conditions. To avoid this of course, it is only wise to install a simple guttering system in our homes. Simply put, pipes and guttering systems serve a perfectly useful function and there are several reasons why we will want to install a guttering system.

As the name implies, a guttering system is a means of transporting excessive water effectively from one spot to another while minimising damage and obtrusion. Modern guttering system components comprise of a number of physical components. Many down pipe and guttering supplies in the UK can be purchased relatively easily from many suppliers. Some of these common components include:

·         mini gutters

·         gutter hangers

·         downpipes

·         pipe connector bends

·         pipe outlets

Each component of the guttering system plays a role in supporting one another. There are a couple of different variants of home guttering systems and each system efficiently transports water using this simple process:

1.      Rainwater falls on our roofs and flows into the mini gutters (hence the sloped roofs of most houses which allow this).

2.      The water flows from the gutters into the sloped (angled) downpipes.

3.      The amount of downpipes and pipe connectors depend on the design of each individual home.

4.      Water continues through the route of the undulating pipe stream that then exits into an external gutter/ditch via a pipe outlet.

There is no denying the fact that we simply need a down pipe and guttering system in our homes. Many people do not realise the importance of this, especially if they live in drier areas in the U.K. We should, of course, not only look at the factor of rainfall, but also snow. Snow will eventually melt which is then transformed into water. If a constant beam of sunlight is in play, evaporation alone will not help rid of the excess water. Therefore, these are the five most common reasons why we will want to consider installing a guttering system (with downpipes) in our homes:

·         Without a guttering system, large open patches of land will most likely flood due to water being exerted onto the land directly from the house or from the rain itself. The absenteeism of a downpipe will further contribute to this since the water will directly be poured from the roof (and in addition to the rainwater dealing double the damage).

·         Our basements, parking spaces, front door area will flood creating hazards and further destroying concrete and other materials. Water is a very powerful destructive force. Our building construction’s foundation will deteriorate even quicker without a proper drainage system. Wood will rot faster if water is exposed frequently on the surface.

·         Without a downpipe, our house will look like a rock under a waterfall during times of rain. In denser neighbourhoods, this can contribute damage directly to our neighbours without us even realising it. It is just like throwing garbage next door.

·         For those who believe in efficiency and “going green”, excessive water can be recycled and used again for future use. This is evident from the utilisation of a rainwater storage system.

·         Larger chunks of melting ice and snow need to be rid of safely and efficiently to avoid unwanted issues.

With many things considered, it is only wise enough to install a guttering system in our homes. Each component plays an effective role in transporting water safely and reducing hazards, which can and will occur eventually. Do not forget to install the important downpipes as this component maximises the effectiveness of our guttering systems.