Image by  Scays via Flickr

The latest innovations in radiator technology mean manufacturers have created stunning curved designs that are highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Curved radiators are perfectly suited to homes that feature bay windows.

Bay windows present heating problems that have always been notoriously difficult to address, particularly because most homes are built with square or rectangular lines. Bay windows introduce irregular angles that can pose difficulties when it comes to ideal furniture arrangement and making use of the available space in the most pleasing and efficient manner.

In order to best utilise the available space in a room most people tend to place their furniture linearly along the walls, but until recently this was also the most convenient space to install the radiator. The main problem of having a radiator taking up space on a wall means that there becomes one less wall available where furniture could be arranged to suit one’s personal preference and taste.

What tends to happen in rooms featuring baywindows is that the furniture is arranged so as to be facing a radiator on the other side of the room, with ones back to the bay window. In some situations the radiator ends up becoming hidden behind furniture that faces towards the window and cannot heat the room as efficiently due to the obstruction.

An additional problem with having ones back to the window is that there is usually an uncomfortable layer of cold air coming from behind that cannot be properly warmed because the radiator on the other side of the room is much too far away to generate any real heat where it is needed.

Curved radiators such as those available at cleverly solve this dilemma by fitting snugly into the space beneath the bay window, allowing the furniture to be arranged against any available wall as one pleases. The curved radiator is then able to heat the cold air near the window and as it rises, travels and falls, the process of convection is able to efficiently circulate the warmer air throughout the entire room.

In the traditional scenario with a radiator installed upon the wall opposite to the window, the cold air is moved towards the radiator, resulting in cool draughts from behind and inadequate warmth in front.

Repositioning a radiator beneath a bay window not only creates a warmer and more comfortable living space, but this more efficient placement actually means less wasted energy and therefore greater savings on utility bills. In these times of increased awareness of pressing environmental concerns, it’s comforting to be able to take positive steps to help reduce unnecessary resource waste and lighten ones carbon footprint.

Another excellent reason to install curved radiators is that they actually look quite beautiful and can add a touch of elegance and class to a room. As radiators are available in varying colours, metals and finishes, something that was formerly a utilitarian appliance can now act as a feature. Curved radiators are precision engineered and give a home a much needed lift. Savvy designers and interior decorators recommend them due to their aesthetic appeal and improved functionality.

Curved radiators are a clever solution to a range of problems that now no longer need to limit ones comfort or enjoyment when it comes to heating in the home. With a wide range of options available, there is certain to be a radiator to suit every need and taste.