Every nook and corner of the world is abuzz with the word “Going Green”. Going Green refers to using eco-friendly and organic material that does not cause harm to nature. This covers a wide spectrum like organic cultivation, using eco friendly clothes and includes even eco-friendly home décor items. So how can we add the “green” touch to our home décor?

Furniture: Furniture made of bamboo, cane, wood etc are considered eco-friendly as they are natural and do not contain any hazardous material. In addition to wood, the paint used in furniture should also be organic. Natural paint made of plant products like natural resin, oil, pigments and extracts do not cause any harm to the environment. Milk paint made from milk protein and limestone is another variety of paint ideal for wood. In addition to raw material and paint, the upholstery of the furniture should also be given special consideration. Eco-friendly leather made of natural waxes and vegetable products and other eco-friendly fabrics can be used for upholstery. shabby_chic_2_over_2_chest-2238050
Lighting: The best form of eco friendly lighting is LED light as it has lower electricity consumption and at the same time is highly luminous. Another eco friendly light is candle light. Candlesand home décor goes hand in hand. But it is not practical to use candle light all the time. Chandeliers with candle holder are a best bet.

Home décor accessories: Accessories in the form of cotton and silk curtains, pillow covers and throws can render an eco friendly setting to the décor. Rugs made of original wool; wooden wall décor etc can provide a more natural feel to your interiors. Using indoor plants can make the room look not only beautiful but also provides freshness to the room.

Flooring: Not only during décor phase, even during the construction phase one needs to give importance to eco friendly products. For flooring purpose wood, stone, bamboo etc are considered to be more eco-friendly and safe than tiles and mosaic.

Green décor is not only about using eco-friendly material, but it also revolves around 3 R’s – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Reduce the use of artificial methods for decorating the house. Through Recycling and Reusing existing products one can make a contribution to our environment. This is where the concept of DIY in home décor gains significance. We can make use of unwanted things in our house to create beautiful décor items. Here are a few tips

  • Old clothes, especially party wear clothes, can be converted to beautiful cushion covers and throws. Thicker clothes like jeans can be converted to small rugs.
  • Unused Cd’s can be wrapped with woolen thread and converted into wall hangings.
  • Cover up old CD’s with sponge. New tea coaster is ready to use!
  • Old wine bottles, glass tumblers etc can be provided a touch of paint and redone into beautiful vases.
  • Old furniture in the house can be provided a fresh coat of paint and used as Shabby Chic Furniture.
  • Do you have old and unused suitcases at home? Stack them up together, upholster it with old clothes. Your new ottoman is ready to use.
  • No need to throw away old bed sheets. Kitchen gloves and table mats can be made using it.
  • Paper bags made of old newspapers and magazine is becoming the latest trend.

Adding green touch to home décor is not a daunting task. One needs to have the proper mind set and the right amount of creativity to make your home eco friendly. After all by making your home “Go Green” you are, knowingly or unknowingly, making a contribution to our environment.