Many of us leave decorating the bathroom till last, or not at all. This is probably because decorating the bathroom is a tricky task and more often than not it is viewed as a functional room only. So why not put the bathroom at the forefront of your decorating agenda add a spot of style to your house. Country, Traditional, Nautical, Contemporary or family themed? there are many styles to choose from and there are countless magazines and websites all providing ideas on creating the perfect look. However there are a few simple rules when it comes to redecorating and revamping your bathroom and by following the guidelines below you can create a new look in no time. bathroom-4004725

Painting is the easiest and cheapest way to give your bathroom an initial lift but remember that the bathroom environment will be damp and moisture intensive and any products used will have to withstand heat and humidity – therefore before choosing any paint products it is best to ask the advice of an in store professional.

White is the most common colour for a clean fresh look but other colours such as cornflower blue and pastel green will work equally as well in either a large or small space. Only opt for dark colours in blocks if you have a larger room that can accommodate these easily without them looking overwhelming. bathroom-2-1205602

Remember as bathrooms are moisture intensive you will need to clean the walls first with an antifungal spray and remove all soap scum, otherwise you run the risk of the paint not sticking. An artists or very fine brush is also a good idea to get the paint neatly into those awkward corners. If you fancy a spot more style then tiles are a more luxurious option but much more expensive. Also beware that if you are not experienced in fitting tiles there will also the added cost of a professional to consider.

You may also decide to improve your flooring as stripped wooden floors can offer a clean and natural effect, however if you don’t have this option then a cheaper laminate or printed lino can provide a similar effect . If you are feeling artistic then you could even paint the floor to produce the required pattern. bathroom-3-2234690

Remember that if you are installing your bathroom from scratch you will also want to factor in suitable storage facilities. There are many great ideas to choose from. Wooden crates and baskets make excellent storage for towels and toiletries and give a natural feel to any bathroom. Hanging storage baskets from the ceiling will provide a space saving alternative to drawers and cupboards.

It is also wise to know that bathrooms always look stunning when they have surfaces from which light can be reflected, so large non-framed mirrors always work well, especially in a small space. Shower curtains should also be replaced with shower screens as these provide extra light reflecting surfaces and old lighting should be replaced to create extra brightness. bathroom-4-9582839 Finally those finishing touches are all important to creating a fresh clean look. Placing a vase with fresh flowers by the window will create a homely feel or strategically placing a small piece of art on any clean white wall will create a contemporary feel. So now your bathroom can be as stunning andas in keeping as the rest of your house.