Ideally, the shed- that most iconic feature of the Aussie backyard- should be an extension of your home. If this rings alarm bells- ‘I don’t want any room in my house covered in old Y- fronts re imagined as oil rags!’- bear with me for a moment. A good shed should be used as frequently as any room in your home


Whether it be the room where you go to tinker with old radios, polish the china, work from home, or install guests/unruly teenagers, modern shed designs allow you to build a space tailored to your individual needs. Modern sheds can be so much more than a storage room for the lawnmower.

To work out what kind of a shed is going to best suit your needs, think carefully about both it’s primary and secondary uses. If all you want actually is somewhere to protect the spanking new Victa from the elements- and your wife refuses to come round to the idea of a lawnmower in the boudoir- then a simple, unobtrusive structure will be just fine.

But consider what you might want of a shed five years down the track. Do you have small kids? By the time they’re not so small, you may relish a separate space in which to deposit them and their strange smells. Thinking you might like to do a course in furniture making? The time may come when you want your shed to become a building space.

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Considering all the possible future uses for your shed will prevent any ‘doh!’ moments in the years to come. National Sheds offers industrial, american and aussie barns, garages and garden sheds- something for everyone, in other words. Make sure your new shed meets or surpasses Australian safety standards, and that the manufacturer is happy to broadcast their safety credentials to all and sundry. If you and/or your nearest and dearest are going to spending a lot of time in the shed,you want it to be built of stern stuff.