The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Often neglected and sometimes abused, it is the room we all gravitate to at some point during the day. However, it can start to look tired and eventually stops being a warm, pleasant family area – instead becoming a soulless room where its sole purpose is food preparation.
Here are a few tips to revamp your kitchen and put the heart back into your home:

                              Image Credit: almostbunnies

Replace cabinet doors. This can make a big difference and will give the impression of a new kitchen having been fitted.

Cabinet Handles. Replacing handles is a cheap and easy upgrade, which can achieve astonishing results for the look and feel of your kitchen.

Lighting. Changing light fittings and switches alters the mood and feel of your kitchen. Whether clean and modern, traditional or retro it will instantly alter the personality of a kitchen.

Windows. Whether curtains, blinds or shutters, changing the window decoration can brighten up and add personality to the kitchen. Be imaginative and brave here for best results.

Taps. Replacing the taps can help improve the look of this hardworking part of the kitchen and make the preparation and washing of food a great deal easier.

Worktops and splash backs. Although a little more expensive, this improvement has spectacular results. Granite and Corian are the priciest but highly desirable materials, while modern Formica also looks wonderful.

Kitchen Island. If room is available an island can provide so much versatility. Extra worktop space, more storage space and, with the addition of some stools – somewhere to eat breakfast are all benefits.

Pan racks. Whether wall or ceiling mounted, these provide an elegant way of freeing up space whilst still having everything you’ll need at easy reach.

Storage baskets. In-draw and cupboard storage is a cheap yet vital part of freeing up space and keeping those counters and floors clear of clutter. Bins mounted inside cupboards, cleaning products in racks of their own and fruit and vegetable racks in convenient, hidden-away places are all options here.

Re-accessorise. New colour coordinated small appliances help to make the kitchen look smart. Kettles, coffee makers and toasters can be a chic addition to your kitchen.

Tiles. Re-grout wall and floor tiles to freshen them up. You could try coloured grout to add a whole new feel and dimension to the room. Repainting tiles is also an option; many designs can be achieved this way.

These are just a few of the ways in which to re-vamp a kitchen. There are so many designs and colours with accessories to match. Ingenious storage solutions will make life easier and the kitchen a stylish focal point of the home. Add a bowl of fruit and a vase of flowers as a finishing touch to soften and add warmth to your kitchen.

Be aware that changing electrical and plumbing fittings may need qualified tradesmen to carry out the work.

Be imaginative, be creative but above all have fun.