Keeping up with interior design trends is a near impossible task. It seems as though every season there is a completely new design tip or colour scheme you need to abide by in order to get your home looking amazing. It is fine for the magazines but let’s face it, it is highly unlikely that you will redecorate each room in your home each season, yet alone each year.

Now, we all demand something different in our homes, whether its style, luxury, practicality or comfort. The common theme however, is that our homes are something we all take pride in so we all look for them to be as attractive and welcoming as possible. So instead of trying to keep up with the transitory trends that will most likely change before you even finish your first revamp, why not opt for timeless décor that will leave your home looking stunning for longer. Below we have listed the top tips to keep you interior looking amazing all year round.


As mentioned, the ‘in’ colour scheme seems to change as quick as the British weather. Obviously there will be recommendations that say you should alter you rooms to compliment the summer and winters months but this is just not plausible.

Nobody wants a room within their homes that is dull and mundane, as subconsciously you’ll find yourself avoiding the room and a lot of us don’t have the luxury to waste space. By electing for lighter and brighter schemes it creates astand out,inviting feel.

You cannot keep up with every trend but what you can do is invest in fascinating accessory additions that provide you with the complimentary colour you need. Take advantage of items such as throws, scatter cushions, vases, ornaments and lamps. They’re simple to swap in and out during the course of the year If you want a cheap way of making subtle alterations to keep things fresh. They allow you to make those noticeable statements that catch the eye of guests and family when entering the room.


Unless you’re living in a showroom, you’re going to need a certain level of comfort in your home, otherwise where else are you going to relax! Home owners too often get obsessed with owning such intricate, bespoke furnishings that they forget about there practicality. If it doesn’t work in your everyday life, it’s a pointless purchase that you’ll find yourself replacing after a few months.

This also ties in with the fact that you shouldn’t look to cut costs when it comes to furniture. You always need to be aware of the long term nature of your home décor rather than a quick win withsomething that’s trendy but cheap. By keeping your room timeless, you should see it as a longer investment from the moment you decide to decorate it.It is simply not timeless if you have to replace your newest piece because it breaks or because you can’t relax on it so you need that piece that looks great whilst standing the test of time.

Therefore, think about what works for your house. If you have kid’s, you can’t expect to put glass everywhere and expect no damage! Today, people are getting more innovative and creative with their furniture. They’re upcycling their tired old pieces, turning them into brand new modern day delights and they’re even bringing rattan furniture from outside, inside to gain longevity away from wear and tear. It’s all about being practical and assessing your situation. Some sofa’s stay with families for decades so look for options that canfit with a variety of coloursin the case you do decide to decoratefurther down the line. That way the pieces stay looking great in your setting and they can be re-admired for many more years to come.

Find That Natural Light

Lighting can make or break a room. People too often acknowledge that light is important, yet then proceed to block out natural light and choose colour schemes or furnishings that make a room like dark and dull.

Don’t be that person. Nobody wants a dingy room in their homes so don’t settle for less. You need to utilize what you’ve got. Look to pick window treatments that let in more light and where that light is at a premium, invest in some lights that give the room a friendly, warm glow. If there’s a shortage of windows, look for light fixtures and lamps to make up for the dreary appearance.


Like most things in life to do with style and fashion, less is more. Don’t let you home get cluttered. The less you have taking up that all-important space, the better your home will look as a result. Look to implement clever storage solutions into your home that tuck away all that unwanted mess, whether its toys, remotes or papers.

Minimalism should be implemented into your layout, decoration and furniture. Ensure everything is in proportion to your overall room size and get tough on yourself. Do you really need all of those little ornaments? Do you need an extra side table or magazine rack? By keeping what needs to be there, you’ll find that you create a long-lasting, stylish and on-trend room that replicates something you’d be proud of showing off.