DIY in all its forms, whether you’re decorating, building furniture, or just generally improving your home, is something almost anybody can enjoy. Of course, you can’t just dive straight into DIY without some level or preparation; you need a reasonable level of skill and know-how. More to the point, you need the right tools.

So if you’re a beginner or even if you’re an established DIY-er who is looking to revitalise their tool collection, here are the five must-have tools for DIY – as well as little bit about what makes them so important.

#5 – The Dependable Drill

‘Dependable’ is certainly an appropriate adjective for this particular tool as these in their power tool form can quickly and easily get your screws in place. These are especially useful when you’re building furniture or mounting shelving.

#4 – The Super Screwdriver

Along with the above though comes the traditional handheld screwdrivers that are imperative for the more-delicate or hard to reach places. Again, when building furniture, a screwdriver is a great choice as you can manually fasten pieces together in a controlled way. Furthermore, the range of sizes available means you can find something to suit your specific screwdriving needs.

#3 – The Humble Hammer

A classic and remarkable tool which has served us for thousandsof years; the humble hammer is a definite for DIY. Chiefly used for forging and nailing together materials in a variety of shapes and sizes, it can also be used to dismantle and also remodel.

#2 – The Sensational Saw

The saw in any of its various guises is another very important tool to have. From the typical handheld saw, to jigsaws and circular saws, all are fundamental in any building work. Each can also offer you different applications, whether it’s the precision of nicely jigsaw-ed coving, or the practical cut of a handsaw on your wood panelling. Whatever your preference, a saw won’t let you down.

#1 – The Trusted Tape Measure

On the subject of not letting you down comes the final must-have tool; the trusted tape measure. Anyone who has ventured into DIY will vouch for the fact the accuracy is a necessity and this is where the tape measure comes into its own. With one of these you can ensure your work will be done properly.

So there you have it, five tools you should have in your arsenal to help take on your tasks. Make sure you get yours from an established and specialist firm like Anglia Tool Centre though as you’ll want well-made products that will last for a long time. Once you’re kitted-out, all there’s left for you to do now is get to work, then enjoy the fruits of your labours.