When we think of home renovations and redecorating, we often just think of the interior of our home. How about the exterior, though? It is one aspect that often gets forgotten about. It should have a higher priority, though. It adds ‘curb appeal’ and makes our home look appealing for onlookers. It is a must when thinking about selling your home too. People will be much more likely to put a bid in if they feel that the home is well looked after. The first impression when looking at the house, is the exterior. So it is important for it to look good.

The first thing to think about is the weather. As you will be outside doing the decorating or painting, you don’t want it to be soaking wet. Humidity can affect applying paint and how well is dries too. Equally, if it is too warm, it can dry something like paint out very quickly. So it is harder to correct any errors. So it does need a little planning in advance. So think about the climate and forecast in your area. You might have it planned out that you will do it over a bank holiday weekend. The weather might have other plans, particularly for us over in the UK! So once you have the plans in place, you should schedule the project in about a week in advance.
When you are making the plans, you need to think about the practicality of the project. If you are wanting to paint the window frames around the house, how are you going to get up that high? Do you have a safe and suitable ladder to do it yourself? If not, it could be worth hiring one. It could also be worth getting a scaffolding type of access tower, like these domestic access towers from Heaton Products. They might make you feel a little safer and secure, rather than just using a ladder.
When it comes to looking for the products you will use, think about getting quality over cost. Paints and cement for outside have come on so well these days. They are generally well lasting. But you want it to last for a long time. So check out reviews and choose the best quality product, not just the cheapest. You don’t want the colour to fade quickly.

When you are going to paint walls inside the home, the walls need to be nice and clean. This is true for the outside of the home too. So when you plan the project, think about taking cleaning time into account too. Something like a pressure washer is a great way to clean the walls. It works quickly to blast of dirt and even mould and moss. Then after sanding, if it is necessary, you will have a great surface to paint on. Sanding is needed if you are painting over old paint. After a while it will peel and chip, so sanding it down makes is smooth and easy to paint over.