Making your bathroom a little more modern than it currently is can be really difficult. It can be hard to know where to start and how to go about making these changes. So, to get you started, here are some ideas that will get you thinking and give you some inspiration.

Change the Lighting

The lighting in your bathroom is very important. It’s impossible to make your bathroom feel modern if you haven’t got the lighting arrangements right. So, you should consider what you can do to change the situation. Adding some small and simple accent lights might be the best way to make the lighting more effective. Or you could install a series of small spotlights in the ceiling that lights up the whole room. These are often better than having one large light that you have to rely on. You can go to to find out more about lighting.

Make the Bathtub a Focal Point

If you can make your bathroom the focal point of the room, you will instantly make it look more modern. Having a standalone bathtub in the middle of the room is a very modern design idea, and you should give it a try. If you have a standalone tub, there is no need to put it in the corner of the room or against the wall. As long as your bathroom is big enough, you could put it in the mddiel and work the rest of the furniture around it. It’s definitely something to give some thought to.

Hang an Interesting Mirror

Mirrors are vital assets in your bathroom, so you need to make sure that you have a good one in yours. If you want to give your bathroom a more modern twist, you should think outside the box. You could see if you can find any interesting mirrors in antique shops, for example, and then update them. Even if the glass is damaged, you can get it replaced easily enough. The mirror will help to reflect the light in the room, and it will also add something new to the walls of it.

Install a Modern Shower Unit

Shower units can often go out of date pretty fast, so you might want to change yours. Modern shower units tend to be more minimalist. They are very simple and clean. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, you should head to a website like for more information. Alternatively, you could create a wet room in a corner of your bathroom rather than having a conventional shower cubicle.

Add Some Colour and Art

Adding some art to the walls of your bathroom is a great way to completely transform it. And it’s something that is pretty easy and straightforward to you. You just need to seek out the kinds of artworks that look good in your bathroom and you like. It adds something new and unexpectedly modern to the room. You should also add some new colours to the walls. Instead of using the dull and conventional colours that all bathrooms have, why not try something a little more interesting?