February 1, 2019

When you bring a new decoration to your interior, your old doors do not have the design you expect, and so they do not blend with the new decorative touch you bring. If solid doors are still popular with individuals, then glass doors with their contemporary style are beginning to dominate our homes. Indeed, the choice of an interior glazed door provides many benefits such as the gain of light while maintaining the privacy of the room.


Which style to the doors?

Contemporary or classic, interior doors display their style and contribute to the decoration of our homes. Try to find it at https://www.pol-skone.co.uk/products/interior-doors, renowned site of manufacturers which offer you many types and styles of the interior doors. Useful, they isolate the noise of the living room, prevent kitchen odours from spreading in the house, ensure the privacy of rooms and bathrooms. Their variety of styles and finishes – swing, pocket or swivel, single or double, solid or glazed, carved or post formed – allows to choose the model that best fits our interiors. Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities of interior doors that we have today.

Double glazed doors

In renovated flats, the original interior doors are often kept, restored and repainted in the tone of the hallway. These traditional wooden interior doors are typical of the old style flats but are also very popular nowadays. Indeed, they bring a very appreciable charm in the houses and let the light diffuse from one room to another, which is perfect for the exposures through. They will be used primarily for rooms that require little privacy such as living rooms or kitchens.

Double full doors

Double full doors are a classic and effective solution for the home. For example, they are perfect for living in the living room. However, they need to be installed in spaces large enough to take their full extent. They can be carpentry, solid wood or laminated and panel, or post formed reproducing the aesthetics of wooden doors but made of chipboard. All forms of doors can be made this way today, with the advantage of significantly reducing the cost of the door.

Single full door

Like double doors, single interior doors can be partially glazed or solid. This is the case of this one, which proves the „simplest” door can be of the greatest elegance. We could often imagine that a moulded door, whether carpentry or post formed, draws all the benefits of being highlighted by a game of colour. Indeed, when the door is beautiful, as much emphasize it by adopting a painting different from that of the wall!

Swing door… almost invisible

Contemporary homes are the occasion of unusual designs and surprising architectures. The architects have imagined a surprising door: a pivoting wall, which is almost hidden from view, opens onto the kitchen. A real game of volumes and spaces is organized around this inner door!

Glass door

If there is an interior door that is both modern and traditional, it’s the glass door. Using the know-how of ironworkers and glaziers, these industrial-looking doors have the power to transform the style of a house or a flat on their own. The investment is certainly more important than for a more classic door, but you will not regret it!

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