Many of us have a long list of things we want to do around the house someday. But actually

doing any of those tasks just feels like work, y’know? And who wants to do work at home? We’re here to relax, to get comfortable, to just do our own thing. After hard days at work, the last thing we want to do is run through a list of more work to do on our homes.

But once you’ve gotten some of these household tasks done, you’ll feel so much better for it. And I’m not talking about the kind of tasks that you should be doing frequently anyway. Taking out the trash, doing some dusting… those are things you’ll just have to do again tomorrow or next week, anyway!

I’m talking about tasks that have more long-term effects. They may be more time-consuming, but they are totally worth doing. So consider taking a day or two off work to do one (or all!) of these tasks. Or just do it over the weekend!

Going environmentally friendly

Things have definitely changed since the nineties and early 2000s. Now, it seems, most families are actually very eager to go green in their homes. But taking steps to go as green as possible at home definitely does take time. It’s because there are so many little changes to make that it all adds up! You could just do a task a week for a while. But why not just set aside a few hours and go through a big list?

Switch all your light bulbs to CFL bulbs. Find out what paper correspondence you’re receiving that can be switched to online versions. (Bank statements and invoices, for example.) Get a private energy audit to assess what other improvements you can make at home!

Getting rid of all that junk

Over the years, we all accumulate so much stuff. And there’s no word more apt for describing those possessions. It’s just… stuff. We don’t need it and it’s just cluttering up our homes. Actually going through everything and getting of things, though? Definitely harder than it sounds.

But you can do it! Get a schedule together and go through every room. Get rid of all the clutter. If you don’t use it or love it, it’s clutter. The clothes you don’t wear. The books you don’t read. That chair no-one sits on because you can feel the springs digging into you. Don’t be afraid to get rid of larger items! You can get help from a removals company if you’re done with those large objects.

Clearing and updating your computer

Does your computer sound like it’s about to take off and fly whenever you turn it on? Does it lag? Does it take more than three seconds for the start menu to appear? Then you probably need to declutter your computer as well as your house.

Get a USB stick or, better yet, a big external hard drive. Get all those images and videos onto that drive. Delete anything you don’t think you’ll use again. If you’ve ended up deleting gigabytes worth of stuff, look into defragging. You should then look into updating your hardware – your graphics card probably needs an update, for example!