The bedroom is a special room in your house. It is where you begin and end your day and therefore it is important that you keep it in good condition. There are some things you should not do in the bedroom and others that should be done in every bedroom. By balancing the does and the don’ts of a perfect bedroom, you achieve a good resting. This helps to ensure you enjoy a good night sleep every evening and wake up refreshed and energetic.

So what are the dos and the don’ts of a perfect bedroom? Keep reading to find out.

Do Ensure it is a Clutter-Free Zone

It is difficult to feel relaxed if you are sleeping in a room that is cluttered. Therefore, you should get rid of all the bedroom clutter to make sure you are enjoying a perfect sleep every night. This can be achieved by creating some extra storage space like nightstands to keep your valuables. If your current bedroom is too small, you can consider a renovation to create enough storage for the extra items in your house. Get rid of all the items you no longer need and ensure the bedroom is well organized.

Do Upgrade Your Beddings to Ensure a Comfort and Proper Support

Your beddings contribute a lot to ensuring you have a perfect sleep every night. A foam mattress or basically investing in a mattress that suits your sleeping style is very much important. Ensure that you have a high-quality mattress that makes you feel comfortable and supports you appropriately every night. In addition, your bed sheets should be made of appropriate material to ensure added comfort.

Do Keep the Bedroom Clean Everyday

Your bedroom should always be neat.  A stuffy bedroom is uncomfortable and since you aren’t breathing clean air, this affects your sleep. You should keep the bedroom aired every day to ensure that every night you are breathing clean air. This ensures that you have a perfect flow of oxygen in the body and to the brain hence aiding your relaxation. Consider that a dusty bedroom will irritate your sinuses causing allergies and germs that lead to an illness hence ruins your productivity at work. Ensure the bedroom is dusted and vacuumed often. Do open the windows so that fresh air can circulate in your bedroom.  

Do Select the Perfect Bedsheets

Cheap flannel or jersey bed sheets can cause you to sweat excessively making you uncomfortable at night. Invest in high-quality best hybrid bed sheets so that every night feels special whenever you go to bed. Linen is a good and natural fabric that helps to ensure your bed feels cool during summer while it also feels soft while washing. Go for cotton bed sheets if you crave a crisp hotel-like sleep.

Do Add Some Seating Space

If you have enough space in your bedroom, have a place where you can sit and relax. This can also be used as your meditation corner or a place where your guests can seat when they come to your bedroom. The bed should not be used as a seating space at any time. It is also important to add seating space since you can always use those sits when dressing up or wearing shoes. Consider adding a compact armchair that complements your bedroom design.

Don’t Make your Bedroom a Working Area

No matter how busy your lifestyle might feel, don’t take your work to the bedroom. Let your bedroom remain a place for resting and romancing if it is the case. Otherwise, you risk going to bed feeling tired and fatigued because whenever we see work-related materials this is the feeling that comes to mind. Ensure your house has a separate working area.

Don’t Use the Bedroom as Entertainment Room

Watching TV or listening to music should be done in the entertainment room only. Taking the TV to the bedroom will only ruin your sleep as your sleep hormone is likely to be destructed from as illustrated above, only use your bedroom as a place for relaxing and resting. The blue light from the TV or the devices has been found to destruct people from getting a restful night sleep.

Don’t Over Accessorize the Bedroom

It feels nice having some beautiful photos, decorative and drawings. However, so many of them make the bedroom feel over accessorized. Consider keeping these in storage boxes that can fit under your bed. Alternatively, you can keep the photos in a photo album where you can always check them out whenever you feel like. The bedroom should not be cluttered so as to ensure it has a relaxation factor. This ensures you are enjoying a good night sleep.

Don’t Over Decorate the Bedroom

Over decorating the bedroom with bright and bold colors takes away the sleep-promoting effect that the bedroom should have. However, this should not mean that you avoid the colors that you love. Bedrooms should be seen as a place for promoting sleep and relaxation and so go for the colors that will reduce stress. This can be soft neutrals that have a relaxed feel.

Don’t make The Bedroom a Furniture Storage Area

Overcrowding the bedroom with unused furniture isn’t right at all. You need to be able to walk freely around the bedroom and it is important that it feels spacious. In case of storage is an issue in your home, you can hire extra space where you store the unused items. Alternatively, you can dispose of these unused items. In fact, this allows you to sneak in a little extra storage space.

Those are the important dos and the don’ts of a perfect bedroom. Remember that the bedroom should always be used as a place for relaxing and resting. Avoid too much screen usage in the bedroom as the blue light will ruin your sleep.