Everyone knows that Jack and Jill went up the hill, but did you know that they share a bathroom? Jack and Jill bathrooms are coming back into fashion and with good reason. There are many advantages to having a bathroom that’s situated between two bedrooms, especially if you kids or teens in the house. Still not ringing a bell? Think of Brady Bunch. The boys and girls both shared a bathroom which was situated between their rooms. This gives both rooms access to the bathroom from either bedroom.

A jack and jill bathroom with a pass through. Photo Taken by: Jill Seigrest

When you’re designing your new home, here are some reasons to consider installing a jack and jill bathroom.

  • Save money, time and space- If you’re living with children or have need of a guest bedroom, the jack and jill bathroom can help cut down on space in your home, especially if building yet another bathroom would be overkill. Because of the way they’re typically situated it cuts down on wasted space between rooms allowing you more room to plan. This can also help cut down on added resources needed for building an additional bathroom.
  • Great for the Kids- This is especially true if you have teens in the house. Not only does having their own bathroom help make the morning rush before school a little less chaotic, but it also provides a means of making them cooperate, which isn’t always a specialty of siblings. Having a separate bathroom for the kids also means that the master bath and subsequent guest bathrooms remain cleaner and less cluttered.

If you’re considering building a jack and jill bathroom in your new home, here are a few things to keep in mind to help it be a success.

  • Dual amenities- This counts for sinks, mirrors and storage space. Having dual sinks and mirrors is a must because it means less fighting over the sink. By simply having the extra counter and storage space it also cuts down quarrels whose stuff is where. By building a door to the shower it also means that one child can bathe while the other brushes their teeth, making it easier than ever to share the bathroom.
  • Locks on both doors, on both sides- While this might seem like common sense, it’s something small that can be overlooked. Having a lock on either door from either side, is a simple means of increasing the overall privacy of the bathroom when it’s needed. If privacy isn’t required, the doors can remain unlocked for access from both rooms.
  • Layouts that separate the bathroom and the tub are the best- Again, this comes down to the matter of privacy, but also plays a great role in efficiency. Having the toilet and the tub or shower separated with their own door greatly increases the ability of your children or guests being able to share the bathroom at the same time.

    Tiles: You can use stardust black floor tiles.

Whether you have kids, are planning on having them, or just want to provide a little luxurious comfort for your guests, a Jack and Jill bathroom can do it all. With the right planning, you can add some style and a whole level of convenience to your new home.