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12 Best Gardening Twitter Feeds to Follow


Johnny Kelso, a Cotswolds, UK based gardener who describes himself as a ‘Gardener, writer, allotmenteer, husband, father & all around whipping boy who tries to keep his wife happy by growing a cutting garden to fill house with flowers’. With over 66,000 followers, Johnny keeps an active community, often replying back to his followers and posting pictures of wonderfully colourful flower displays. If you are into gardening purely for beautiful flowers then Johnny is your go to guy.


The official Twitter profile of Gardners’ World. If you are in any way interested in gardening, then the chances are you have read their magazine, visited their website or watched the BBC programme of the same name. With a seemingly endless knowledge on all things gardening, GW proves to be a highly useful and actionable resource.


House and Garden magazine are a UK based team weighing in with over 17,500 followers. Whilst also providing home décor tips, the gardening tips and news they do provide often prove to be of the highest quality. Having the show up in your news feed is going to help your garden improve greatly.


Whilst they haven’t yet broken the 10,000 follower threshold, My Garden School market themselves as ‘The world’s first virtual gardening school. For people interested in taking gardening courses, wherever you live.’ Regardless of your level of experience in gardening, My Garden School run tutorials and such like to take your horticultural game to the next level.


Joe Bonsai is a gardener based on the island of Jersey and with just under 58,000 followers he is quite the powerhouse in the gardening Twitter world. Amongst his many, many talents Joe specialises in, unsurprisingly, bonsai and growing his own food produce. As a frequent photo uploader, there is a great range of images to browse through on Joe’s Twitter feed.


Better Homes & Gardens is a US based magazine, and like House and Garden magazine, they don’t cater purely for the gardening community. However with a following of over 54,000 people and an apparently considerable budget, they are well worth following. You never know, you may even pick up tips for your home and cooking along the way!

Garden Organic calls itself ‘Europe’s leading organic gardening charity.’ With over 21,000 followers, who of us can disagree that it is definitely a worthy charity to support? With a great mix of promotions, articles and retweeted content, Garden Organic brings together a massive range of information to help you improve yourself as a gardener, whilst keeping it organic.


Based in San Diego, California, Garden Design Magazine’s Twitter bio reads ‘Live life to the fullest. Garden design, landscapes, outdoor living & décor, entertaining, travelling to the world’s most beautiful gardens, and unique products.’ Having this opening statement and over 21,000 followers, who can disagree with them? Garden Design interact with their community on Twitter, often replying and retweeting to help solve your problems as well as to help share awesome gardening ideas.


I’ve decided to include Urban Gardens, not only because it has over 31,000 followers, but also because not every one of us who calls themselves a gardener lives out in the suburbs or country. A lot of us are city dwellers where space is limited and gardens are confined. The New York based Urban Gardens helps you to circumnavigate these issues and maximise the potential of your garden despite your lack of space and options.

What sort of gardening list would be complete without the inclusion of the iconic Kew Gardens? Situated just west of London in Richmond, the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens has been a market leader in all things horticultural for decades and since joining Twitter some 6,000 tweets and 35,000 followers ago, they have brought their extensive knowledge into the online forum.


The Royal Horticultural Society states ‘The Royal Horticultural Society is the world’s leading gardening charity with renowned campaigns, gardens & shows; dedicated to sharing the best in gardening!’ These guys are at the top of the horticultural information food chain. With just under 48,000 followers, you’d be a little bit silly if you didn’t sign up to the seemingly endless supply of gardening knowledge, wisdom and experience.


Organic Gardening Magazine is based in Emmaus, Pennsylvania and with just shy of 25,000 followers, these guys wear their organic gardening hearts on their sleeves. For in depth and expert knowledge you have the follow this publication, I don’t think I’ve seen many organisations openly care about organic as much as these guys do. Something I think we should all aim for in our gardening careers!