Sure, the weather is still freezing 90% of the time, but that doesn’t mean that we should all curl up into balls and hide away. No, now is an ideal time to start sorting out your home. Before you know it, it will be springtime, and you will have a chance to start enjoying your house once again. If you make some simple changes right now, you will find that you have a whole lot more love for your home than you otherwise would. Take a few days and start sprucing up problematic areas of your property. Here are some super simple ways you can improve your house.

Clean out the gutters

Nobody likes doing this job, but it will make a massive difference to your home. If your gutters have loads of leaves and dirt in them, they will clog and not work well at all. Remember, you need to be safe when you climb up there to clean out your gutters. Ensure that you have a secure ladder. Once you have cleaned your gutter, you will notice that some water runs out of the pipes at the bottom. That water might be filthy if you have left your guttering for a long period.

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Grout your bathroom tiles

If the sealant between your tiles has started to rot, you need to sort it out. Some grouting is not waterproof, which is stupid when you think about it. That means that over time, your tiles will begin to come loose. If you ignore this problem, you could find that some tiles break, and you may need a new floor in your bathroom. Getting an entirely new floor will be expensive, and so you should try to avoid it if you can. Re-grouting your tiles is simple when you know how. All you need is the grout solution and something to level the surface. Pipe the grout between each tile and then wipe away any excess. Easy!

Sort out your leaky roof

If your roof is leaking, it could cause some severe damage to your home. Damp, in particular, tends to make the walls rot in your house. That means that if water is leaking into your home, you could need to replace a great deal of the internal structure. You should never try to fix your roofing yourself as this can be dangerous. Instead, find a company, such as South Thames Roofing to help you fix your problem. If you get experts to help you out, you should have no trouble getting the best quality work. You could even consider getting an entirely new roof so that your home looks brand new.

Paint your exterior woodwork

If the outside walls of your home have any wood on them, you need to make sure that you take proper care of them. In the winter, wood can rot away because of the wet weather. You can get weather proofing solutions online that will solve that problem. You should also think about painting your exterior woodwork in a bright colour. That way, the outside of your property will look attractive when spring comes.

Start planting seeds

If you want your garden to look fresh this year, you need to start right now. If you wait until the spring, it will already be too late to plant new seeds. Instead, you should head down to your local garden store and get some seeds for your yard. Choose plants with brightly coloured flowers so that your garden will look cheerful and inviting. You will need to start caring for these plants right away. Ensure that your garden has everything it needs to bloom this year.