Are you looking for some cool plumbing ideas that you can do in your home? Well you have come to the right place, in this article we will talk through some cool ideas and how to turn ideas into reality.

Copper plumbing pipes aren’t the nicest looking objects to have running all around your house and thankfully most of the time they are hidden behind plasterboard so they aren’t visible. Great imagination is key to making your house your home and original designs can really give your house the edge in being a great home. Over the years I have seen some really cool plumbing ideas and it’s now time to share them with you.

From toilets with built in sinks, to pipe used as flower vases, to light fittings, and we have even seen wine racks made out of copper pipes. We once seen a toilet which had been made with the cistern as a tap, so once you have finished on the toilet, stand up and turn round to wash your hands, brilliant idea and a great way of minimising space used in the bathroom. Somebody used their great imagination and used the copper pipe in their bathroom and extended them and shaped them into a towel rack to keep the towels warm when in the bath, the same person also created a toilet roll holder from their copper pipes.

One brilliant and very creative idea we seen was on the social website pinterest. Basically it was a copper pipe used as a light fitting, so the 4 metre length copper pipe had about 16 T junctions on, and on each T junction there was a light bulb. Turning the copper, obviously unused pipe was changed  into a light. Turning a bright idea like the ones above into reality is a different story and sometimes be very difficult if you are not a qualified plumber.

Without good knowledge of plumbing equipment, then making one of these stylish plumbing objects can be very difficult. You will need to be fully equipped and prepared to make your design. Below we will list some of the tools you will need to create your design. If you want to make something which will be also plumbed into the mains, like a towel radiator we would advise creating the object and then hiring a professional plumber to come out and plumb it in.

The obvious equipment needed when taking on any plumbing job is a good wrench and some pipe cutters. But for creative designs you will need

  • Blow torch

  • A vice

  • Dry sand and a funnel

  • Pipe bending springs

  • Pipe benders

  • Pipe cutters

  • Bucket of cold water

  • A square (not illustrated), used to check that your pipe is a true right angle

  • Safety gloves

  • Safety glasses

Now you have all the correct equipment, you can now get to work bringing your ideas to life. Remember to always stay safe as you are dealing with high temperatures. And always have a qualified plumber check it’s safe before installing it.

Author Bio

Dan Mawson runs a national plumbing company called Multicore. He likes to share his knowledge and help others in the industry.

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