Electric kettles are getting more and more popular these days. Aside from their sleek and modern look, they also come with a handful of hard-to-resist features. Although in-demand, there are still tons of people who prefer stove top kettles. If you are wondering why, here are some of the most common criteria buyers use when deciding which type of kettle to get.

Electric kettles are convenient to have at home. They can automatically turn off once the water boils which means you’ll have more time to do other important tasks. Unfortunately, since you won’t have to constantly keep an eye on your kettle, it’s easy to forget that you even turned it on. As a result, you’ll have to boil the water again which can double the energy you consume.

Stove top kettles, on the other hand, doesn’t turn itself off so you’ll need to patiently wait for your water to boil. If you fail to turn it off on time, you can end up drying up your kettle and you’ll need to fill it with water and heat it again. That means you’ll use twice the energy and water.

When you boil water using a stove, you’re diffusing heat not only to the kettle but the surrounding air as well. This means you’ll be wasting more energy during the process. In contrast, electric kettles come with enclosed heating components which means you’ll only be heating the water. Since the energy is more focused, you’re likely to spend less time boiling water with an electric kettle.

Electric kettles can technically run on any place that has electricity. This means that they are not your best option if you and your family frequently go on trips or campsites that don’t have electricity. You may have to buy a stove top kettle for that purpose. They are also a less reliable choice if you live in an area that frequently encounters power outages.

There are drinks that don’t require being boiled to over a hundred degree Celsius. Some herbal teas need to be heated under lower water temperature to retain their flavors and healing properties. If you are going to use a stove top kettle, this can be a bit difficult to achieve without investing in good kitchen thermometer. Even if you do have a thermometer, turning off your stove at the exact temperature can still be tricky.

If you are into specialty teas, you’ll be better off with electric kettles since some of them come with specific temperature settings. You just basically need to know the optimum temperature for your tea, set it and just wait until your kettle is done brewing the tea for you.

When making a purchase, it’s essential to make some comparisons between electric and stove top kettles first, especially if you are on a tight budget. Most electric kettles come with special functions, such as rapid boiling and automatic shut down features, so you can’t expect them to come cheap.

If your main goal in purchasing a kettle is just to boil water, a stove top kettle should be enough. It costs less but basically gets the same job done. It may not give you the benefits modern electric kettles have to offer but it’s durable enough to last you a long time. In the end, you can even save more money from it.

Stove top kettles can also make you feel more at home. It has a retro feel that can make you feel relaxed when you’re boiling water in a lazy morning.