The present carpet trends are not like anything else that’s trending in flooring at the present moment. When it comes to decorating the hard surfaces, it’s all about adding the stone looks and mimicking wood. Soft flooring is a different story altogether. With regards to flooring subject, carpet is one of the most controversial topics. No, not in the sense of argument but in general, people either seem to love it or hate it and those who purely hate the idea of carpeting will always try to convince you about the fact that carpets are outdated. But this isn’t TRUE!

While there are homeowners who watch out for cozy carpets, carpet is still the #1 flooring sellers among choosy homeowners. The concerns of this article will tell you about the carpet and flooring trends that you may follow to remain trendy and stylish.

Trend #1: Carpets

Carpets are gradually getting more eco-friendly and there are some manufacturers who are creating combinations of fiber which take softness to an entirely new level. There are factories all over UK which make ‘green’ carpets. The ace carpet manufacturers are of the opinion that the evolution of softer textures serves the cutting-edge trend of their business and they’re surprised enough to see the return of luxury carpet. The broad genre called cut-and-loop is in trend nowadays and most of them are multi-tonal and heathered and the trend is towards patterned carpets with cleaner finish. You can get local carpet fitters to fit in your favorite carpet inside your room. 

Trend #2: Bamboo

Bamboo has been in trend for a long time now but something that we can see off late is an explosion of styles and colors. Technically, bamboo is a fast-growing grass and bamboo is harder than most hardwoods after they’re dried. Strand-woven bamboo is a highly engineered product which is twice as hard as conventional bamboo flooring. As with any kind of wooden flooring, it is always best to keep bamboo away from rooms that are moisture-prone like baths and kitchens. 

Trend #3: Reclaimed wood

Another rising trend in flooring is offering classic looks by leveraging new technology and the best example for that is reclaimed hardwood. The new form of hardwood flooring offers the charm of reclaimed timber but the best part is that there are no high costs associated with it. Wood that is factory-finished will be able to withstand all moisture fluctuations and can perform better than any wood flooring which is done onsite.

Trend #4: Large format tile

In the world of tiles, we always see an explosion of shapes, sizes, patterns and materials and mainly popular these days are the large-format tiles. These tiles come in 12” X 24” sizes and sometime even 36” X 36”. Apart from giving a great look to the floor, larger sized tiles mean more tile surface and less lines to clean. In order to get a professional look, hire a pro installer.

Therefore, if you’re confused about the kind of flooring to add to your house, choose any one from the above mentioned trends to stay fashionable and trendy.