When homeowners decide to tackle the mighty kitchen as part of their DIY project, we know it is not an easy task. Probably one of the most used rooms in the home and certainly the one that buyers are most impressed with, the kitchen demands respect. So we need to use some vision and a lot of planning in order to do justice to this functional asset. Homeowners sometimes decide to get professional help for the renovation work, and who can blame them? However, there are now some new tools available that can boost our creativity as well as bring some practical advice to the project. This article looks at a few apps that are doing the round on various platforms and decides whether or not they are made of the ‘right stuff’.

Blanco Canada Silgranit Sink Selector

4430791211_37a6befb3d-6575730 This free app is available on iOS and will soon be available on all Android devices as well. It is a fantastic piece of software that will definitely choose the best sink unit for any kitchen out there. You start off with a blank slate and gradually build up the sink style and colour as well as being able to interchange the tap units as you wish. The application allows you to enter the dimensions of your cabinet and automatically selects sink unit that will fit into those dimensions. You can switch the countertop material and get a vision of what your new kitchen feature will actually look like. It even allows you to upload your own choices into the vast database, absolutely sink-tastic!


8678909401_7ed26027e5-3396222 This is already a mover and shaker in the online world of home improvement, and celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow are firm devotees. And now it is available as an app on your iPhone at a knockdown price of $2.99! The application is jam packed with all kinds of DIY project ideas for your entire home. The kitchen section is big enough to warrant having its own application, what an excellent tool this is! There is a real chic feel about this app and it allows you to browse through the contents so easily, it is literally child’s play. There are complete projects available to copy, or you can build your won from the vast selection of kitchen features in the store section.

Houzz Interior Design


This is another online idea book that has had some awesome reviews in its previous state. Now available to download for free, the app is a veritable encyclopaedia of home DIY, and it really made the jump to application status with ease! There are over half a million hi-res photos in the database and they are so easy to select. Also known as “the Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN, this is certainly a very hard act to beat. As well as hosting thousands of tasteful DIY suggestions, Houzz will also put you in touch with local trusted builders and contractors. Houzz – We salute you!

3 Of The Best?

We love these apps, but don’t take our word for it! There are hundreds available on iOS and Android, just take a look the next time you are scratching your head about that kitchen project. You will not be sorry!