You’ve probably heard that saying ‘reduce, reuse, recycle‘ quite often but it can pertain to much more than simply reusing household water bottles and recycling paperwork from the office. Not only are there things you can do to minimize the amount of harmful products that enter your home, but your family can also use the environment as a way to recycle. We’ll explain what we mean below.

Pay Close Attention to What You Buy


While it is very easy to get used to the way the world works, these days there are more and more products that affect the environment far less. We live in a consumer world where there are constantly new technologies and upgraded products available. Because of this, it can be extremely difficult not to want to purchase a new cell phone once a year or snag that upgraded computer that ‘puts last year’s model to shame’. Something you may want to consider is the fact that anytime you purchase something new for your home, the world’s resources are being used, not only to create said product but also to ship it.

Even if you are careful to reach only for products that are environmentally friendly and use less energy (look for the ENERGY STAR logo), there is an impact on the planet – no matter how small it may be. It is very easy to feel the ‘need’ to buy something new, but ask yourself if this new addition is truly a ‘need’ or merely a ‘want’. Of course, if your refrigerator, stove or television recently went out, upgrading is bound to happen. In this case, be sure to recycle the old product properly and reach for a new solution that meets your needs while also protecting the planet. The money you’ll save along the way is just an added benefit.

Minimizing Waste by Using the Right Products


Many households can go through hundreds of plastic bags within a single month from grocery shopping. When you consider how many families there are throughout the globe, that’s a large amount of plastic waste. It may be time to consider swapping out plastic for washable, reusable bags. Oftentimes, they cost less than a dollar and can last for many shopping excursions in the future. You may also want to think about doing away with paper towels and instead reaching for washcloths or using cloth diapers instead of disposables.

Making the Most of Natural Resources

3876442526_c21a0695bc-3168594 If you are like so many homeowners out there, then your family probably uses a substantial amount of energy to keep your home up and running. From the lighting you consume to the hot water you use to bath and wash your dishes, these seemingly minor tasks can add up very quickly. This is why so many families are reaching for renewable energy solutions. Whether you choose solar power, wind power or another option, you can save yourself a large sum of money each and every year. You’ll also be able to avoid the negative effects of power outages and the ever-fluctuating prices that utility companies are known to charge.