As homeowners, we tend to neglect the outside of our house. We focus on improving the rooms inside because we know, that’s where we’re going to spend most of our time. That’s what we are going to see every day. Before we know it, our garden is a jungle, the window coverings are falling off and our lawn looks like a car scrap yard. Okay maybe this is a little bit of an exaggeration but I bet that description sounded slightly familiar. This is a problem and not just for your own personal benefit. At some point, you probably will be thinking about selling your home and unfortunately first impressions matter. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your interior is if your exterior is awful you won’t be able to sell.  Not to worry though because there are easy fixes. Let’s start with the garden.

Keep It Clean And Tidy

Depending on how far you have let things slide, you may need either the lawn mower or a good trimmer. You need to get your front lawn looking like a lush patch of grass again. To do this cut it as short as possible and trim back the hedges and trees. That will give you a nice open space. If you have been parking cars on your lawn because of adorable kids growing into annoying teenagers, it is going to need repairs. Buy some grass greener and lay it down. Within weeks your garden will be look lush and alive again.

Decorate It

A few decorations around you front garden will make it look just a little bit more unique which is good. You want it to stand out from the rest of the houses on the street and this is easy to do. If you buy some ornaments you can add a few to your front lawn, but they might get stolen. So you could instead, plant some gorgeous colourful flowers around the sides. You may also want to add some shrubbery and a few small rocks to give the place some character.

Bigger ideas include laying down a stepping stone path as well as putting up a new fence. If you are looking at more extensive ideas, try speaking to a professional gardener. They will point you in the right direction and may even complete the job for you, for a fee of course.

Wall Add Ons

You may have a bare wall on your home that is looking rather shabby. If it is by the driveway you could improve it by adding a New Cantilever Car Port and canopy. These are fantastic because the frame protects your car but can be used for other things like an awning or outdoor play area. If you advertise this when selling, you are looking at a huge boost in value.

You may also want to consider fixing a basketball board up as this will make the house look attractive to young families. It doesn’t take any value away from the house for other buyers either. They can simply take it down after the purchase, or you can take it with you when you move.

These simple solutions are perfect for making your home look more attractive as well as adding value. You should consider trying a few, particularly if you are thinking about a future sale.