If you groan when the electricity or gas bill lands on the doorstep, then you are not alone. Our utilities are essentials for sure, but they aren’t the most fun thing to spend our money on are they? So are there any ways to lower our bills and save some money? Keeping reading to find out.

Slow cooker

Firstly a hearty warm family meal is never a bad thing, right? But what if you could make it cheaper and easier to cook one all in one go? Well, you can. The way to do this is to get yourself a slow cooker.

Instead of running your oven on full blast when it’s dinner time, to get the food ready for the hungry masses, use a slow cooker. It uses a small amount of energy throughout the day to cook. Just prep your ingredients and bung them in for a tasty and convenient one-pot meal. Easy and delicious.

Wash on eco or at night

There are ways to save on your water and electricity bill when doing the family’s laundry too. You can do your washes on the eco setting. Or if your electricity provider offers better rates at night, make sure your loads go on just before you go to bed each day. Then they will be ready to hand out to dry in the morning too, which is very convenient.  It is also possible to wash at a lower temperature which saves electricity because you use using less to heat the water. However, make sure that you get the right washing liquid for this as lower temps aren’t always as effective in getting out stains and smells.

Common sense

There are some pretty easy things that you can do to save on your utility bills. They aren’t secrets, more common sense. But people still act like they’ve never heard of them! Try things like wearing socks, slipper and jumpers if it’s cold, rather than running around the house in a t-shirt with the heating up full blast. Limit loads of laundry to one or two per person a week. Hang your wet laundry outside in the summer to save on the cost of running a tumble dryer.

Double glazing and insulating

Another key aspect of lowering your utility bill is to get quality double glazing to minimise the heat lost through your windows and doors. They also insulate against outside noise like busy roads and they can be more secure and act as a deterrent to burglars.   Some people even goes as far as to add more insulation to their walls with products like cavity wall insulation. This traps more of the heat in and makes their home much more energy efficient and eco friendly. Remember the more energy efficient your home is then less it will cost you on utility bills

Get a meter

Lastly, a splendid way of lowering your energy bills, so you have more money to do other stuff, is to get a meter installed. In this way, you can keep an eye on how much you are using. This will encourage you to minimise unnecessary usage and save water, gas and electricity and so your cash too.