There are many people who are interested in buying a recliner which lowers and lifts off the ground or some other kinds of senior-friendly furniture which can assist their elderly parents. We all know how our aging parents suffering from different kinds of diseases like arthritis and obesity find it difficult to get up from majority of the cushioned furniture in our homes. Are there any kinds of mobility aids for them so that they may find it easier to sit down and get up with ease? 

Chairs form a vital part of our lives as on an average we sit down and get up from our chairs more than 90 times in a day. For various tasks like leisure, eating and transport, there are different types of chairs. For older people, there are riser recliner chairs which help them overcome all issues related to standing and sitting down. Let’s check out a few senior-friendly mobility aids that may assist the senior generation. 

Lift recliners

One of the most famous types of cushioned furniture that we find these days for seniors who are mobility-challenged is an electric recliner lift chair. They look something similar to regular recliners but the powerlift recliners usually come with a built-in motor which lowers and raises the entire chair to make getting up and sitting down much easier. Here are few tips that you should take into account to choose the best one for your mom and dad.

Size of the chair: The recliner should be such that it fits the person who is sitting inside it and hence you have to check the height and weight of your parents to know the exact chair that he might need.

   Options for reclining: Apart from the system of lifting, the degree to which your chair reclines is also at your discretion. If you visit stores, you will find that majority of the lift recliners are sold as 2-position, 3-position or infinite position chairs. If they are more into taking a good nap, they would need a 3-position chair which reclines horizontally. 

    Features and style: You will also require choosing the kind of fabric, the back style, and the color which you want your chair to be. Do you want any massaging elements in your chair or a hugging chair? If yes, you may add such features as well. 

Risedale Chairs

If you think that the powerlift recliners are not a much appealing option for your parents, you can opt for furniture like the Risedale chair. They are wing-back chairs, open-legged and they’re pretty much different from lift recliners because in these chairs, only the seat of the cushion lifts instead of the entire chair. The cost of these chairs is around £735 and you can definitely buy it for your parents as they age.

So, when your parents start aging, their furniture needs also keep changing and you can even make their furniture more accessible by increasing the height of the chair with furniture risers. You can also get such riser recliners in online stores such as Ebay or Amazon.