Something a lot of people seem to forget about is the bad people in the world who love to do nasty things. When you close your door at night you might not care about heightened security because those nasty people are probably in a different city. There is no way in the world they could be sitting outside your home casing your neighborhood and looking for any chinks in the armor of houses they want to rob. They probably won’t be, but these days you can’t be so sure. home-security-1689167

If you play with fire and leave your home open to attack there is a good chance you will get burned. The only way you can stop that from happening is turning your home into something nobody wants to mess with. Not even a hardened criminal because they will be far too afraid of getting caught and spending the next few years sitting in a small cell. If you’re looking for any ideas you can use to beef up your home security then these might help.

Don’t let them see in

It’s going to be a lot harder for people to break into your home if they can’t see inside because they won’t have a clue if anything valuable awaits them. Hopefully you have a high fence, but if not you can always build one. People don’t want to sneak inside a garden to see if the home has anything nice inside and they would rather try the next house instead. It also makes it harder for them to escape with things when they need to climb over your fence with a TV under their arm.

Secure your door

How easy to you think it would be for someone to bash your door down? Lots of cheap doors might open when someone who goes to the gym gives it a little shoulder bash. Usually it’s because the lock is worthless, so that is why you should think about putting a steel dead-bolt lock on all your doors and then it’s going to need a lot more than a shoulder bash for someone to get inside. Luckily this shouldn’t be too expensive and it will let you sleep easier at night. Master Lock 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box with Set-Your-Own Combination Lock, 1-Pack

What about sliding doors?

Have you heard any stories about someone coming in through a sliding door because they just lifted it off the rails? That is how easy it could be and it’s the reason why most people’s apartments get broken into when they are on vacation in a foreign country. You don’t want it to happen to your home and it could if your sliding door is old. Check it over and you can either get a more secure door, or put some wood inside the back rail so it can’t be pushed open from the outside. home-security-2-1042089

Modern alarm system

It was quite common for people to think their pet dog was a decent alarm, but that is the old way of looking at things. Now that technology is so advanced everyone should be kitting out their home with an amazing electronic alarm system. How much money you decide to spend is up to you and if you don’t have a huge amount of savings you can still get something of good quality. If you have more money to spend then your alarm system will be something James Bond would be proud of.

Always at home

You can be at home all the time these days, even when you’re not. All you need to do is convince someone you’re in. It’s very unlikely they will come up close to have a look, so usually having the lights on is enough to scare someone away. For that you’ll obviously need a timer switch, but once it’s set up your home will never be dark and lonely at night. If you are away for more than a day you will have to get someone to come in and close your curtains otherwise you’re putting the entire house on display. –>