March 5, 2017 by Home My Heaven Landscape design is something most people can tackle if they have the time and money. It’s really not that difficult to dig up a lawn and replace it with stone paving from The other option is to hire a contractor to lay a patio or pathway, but before you do either, it is essential that you know your options. There are many different types of stone and paving materials. They all have their pros and cons. Some are inexpensive, but not long-lasting, whereas others are a bigger investment and will look good for 20 years or more. It all comes down to your budget and how you want your garden to look, so here is a quick guide to the most popular types of paving materials.

Natural Stone

Natural stone paving is enduring and attractive. It is also rather expensive, but if you want a paved area in your garden that is going to stand the test of time, limestone, granite or York stone is a good choice. Natural stone is available in many different colours. Granite is often darker, but limestone paving can be pale cream, grey, beige or blue-grey. Natural stone looks beautiful wet or dry, so it is perfect for larger patio areas. Indian stone is an inexpensive alternative if your budget won’t stretch to limestone or granite. Indian stone comes in many different colours and is available from most paving outlets.


Slate is hardwearing and attractive. It can be cut to fit awkward areas, or broken up into small chunks and used as weed control in borders and between larger paving stones. Blue slatelooks beautiful when it’s wet, but it will chip and flake away over time, so it isn’t suitable for exposed areas and pathways.

Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is a budget choice for homeowners looking for a cheap and cheerful patio. Concrete paving is available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. This style of paving lacks the unique patterns and texture of natural paving materials, but the uniform size of each paving slab makes it easy to install.  Concrete cobbles are an alternative if you want to create a cobblestone effect. Wet concrete is moulded to look like cobblestones. Colour is added to the mix for a more authentic look. It looks surprisingly effective and is very long-lasting.

Gravel and Stone Chips

Gravel and stone chips are great for pathways and uneven areas. It’s an inexpensive and quick way to create a patio or walkway, but you will need to use a good foundation with weed control membrane, or you will have a problem keeping on top of the weeds.

Brick Paving

Brick paving looks lovely, but again, weeds can be an issue. It’s important to treat the area with an effective weed control program, or your blockpaving patio won’t stay weed free for long. Consider your budget and work out how much paving you need for your garden. To save money, lay your own paving. Categories Home Improvement, PavingLeave a comment