There are many advantages to using engineered oak flooring. For example, a walnut finish floor can be quite beautiful. A high gloss engineered oak floor can change the interior of the entire home. You are sure to receive many compliments on a high gloss engineered oak floor.  Engineered wood flooring has a unique and feel. Anyone looking at your floor for the first time will certainly notice the beauty and elegance. An engineered wood floor looks absolutely authentic and it certainly will add great beauty to just about any home. If, in fact, you are seriously considering engineered oak wood flooring, it would be best to find one of the trusted suppliers of oak flooring in Melbourne like Market Timbers. Another huge advantage of having an engineered wood floor is that the floor will never expand or contract. Hard wood floors will easily expand and contract depending upon the temperature within the home. For example, the cold winter months can cause real wood to actually expand. In addition, the warm summer temperatures can cause a wood floor to contact. Hard wood flooring actually can shift a bit due to changes in temperature and overall weather conditions. You should not run into any of these problems with an engineered oak wood floor. Flooring made from different types of treated plywood offer much more durability than traditional wood flooring. Traditional wood is not very durable and it tends to become more of a problem if you spill something directly on the floor itself. Therefore, clean-up is so much easier with an engineered oak floor. Another great advantage to having engineered oak flooring is that you can easily sand the floor and refinish quite easily. Wood floors can be sanded and re finished however, it may be more of a chore to refinish as opposed to an engineered wood floor. If you plan to install the new floor yourself, you can count on the fact that an engineered floor is a great deal easier to install than a traditional wood floor. In addition, the fact that this type of floor is easier to install it will certainly be less time consuming to complete the job.

Cost Effective & Stylish

Possibly the most attractive feature of an engineered oak floor is that it is far less costly than wood. For anyone on a budget, an engineered wood floor is far less expensive and it will not drain your bank account. If you plan on selling your home, a new engineered wood floor will certainly add value to your existing home. Therefore, you may find that replacing an existing floor with an engineered oak floor will increase the overall re sale value of your existing home. Having engineered oak flooring installed within a home offers a number of advantages to the homeowner. There are so many styles of engineered wood flooring in which to choose from. Always remember, any improvements you make within the interior of the home will certainly be beneficial for a variety of reasons in the long run. Categories Flooring, Oak FlooringLeave a comment