House Painting

With every passing year, paint colors that are used in the painting industry undergo a gradual shift in popularity and usage. Colors that were popular a year back would be replaced by another color. Painting professionals would have been suggesting a particular color to their customers for painting the interiors of the house. But the very next year, the same painting professional would be suggesting another color that is slightly better for interior painting needs. Paint manufacturers continue to research on the different color combinations to arrive at an attractive paint color. Information regarding some of the paint colors that are popular in the painting industry today and their relevant applications are provided here by painters from Brisbane, company PR Painting

This is one color that has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years. Teal blue provides a mysterious look and feel to the room interiors and comes with a richer blue shade than the green shades. Professional Painters often recommend the use of teal blue in dining rooms and bed rooms. By pairing teal blue with other colors such as brown or amber, bedrooms and dining rooms would be getting a total makeover.

Another new color style that has seen a rise in popularity in recent times is Belgian Gray. This color could be another excellent option for painting dining rooms. There were times when Gray was considered as a drab color, but with the addition of natural wooden shades to gray, it has become a color of choice for painting home interiors.

This is actually a mixture of blue, green and gray colors and provides a great ambience to the living rooms. It provides a cool look and feel to the living room resembling the colorful ambience that one could experience in a garden.
This color style would provide a pleasant look to the bathrooms and the bedrooms. This would provide a sense of freshness to the bathrooms and bedrooms and make it livelier.
Grayed purple or the grape purple is also been recommended by the professional painters to provide that lavender look and feel to your bedrooms. It could also be used in conjunction with beige color to provide a distinct look to your living room.
Green is one color that has always been a favorite with the painters. With different shades of green being developed over the years, customers continue to get a wide range of green shades to choose from. Cedar green is one such green shade that signifies growth and prosperity and is an excellent choice to be used in living rooms. Cedar green would provide a contemporary look and feel to the living room.
This is a perfect combination of blue and green and is highly recommended by painters to be used in bathrooms to provide that extra fresh ambience to the bathroom atmosphere. Some painters also suggest using turquoise in the living room as it provides a radiant and a glowing atmosphere to the entire room. Turquoise provides a feeling of living in a tropical region.

With such new attractive color styles available, you could choose the right color that appeals to different members of your family.