If you are looking for ways to increase the value of your home, and a loft conversion is out of your price range, or just too big a job, why not take a look closer to the ground floor and modernise your garage to create a new living space. It can be equally as effective and there are a lot of options.

If you have a detached garage you will need planning permission to convert it into any kind of living space, but in general, if you are not altering the building structure of a garage attached to your house, you won’t need special permission. Always check with your local council first, just to be on the safe side, before starting any large home improvement projects.

You can be innovative about how you use the space – it doesn’t have to become an extra bedroom or a granny annexe! Why not move all of the loud and noisy appliances out of your kitchen and turn your garage into a kitchen extension or utility room. All you need to do is fit a few cupboards and worktops for ease of use, and move your washing machine, tumble dryer and chest freezer out into this extra space.

It may even make room in the kitchen to add some luxury items like a dishwasher or a nice breakfast bar, improving the quality of both spaces – and the impression it would make when selling on.

Why not look at splitting the garage into two new rooms, if it’s long enough, by using stud walls. You can create a useful home office and storage area, for example, to give some extra useful areas. If updating the use of the space, don’t forget to update the door as well! As most garages don’t have windows, a pair of French doors could bring in light and make it look more like a living space.

Other options you can look at to modernise your garage, could be practical – create an additional downstairs bathroom or bedroom. Or why not take a different route and add a luxury room to your house by converting the garage into a bespoke gym, home cinema, or maybe a games room?

If you live in a family-focused area and are trying to sell the house on, then consider converting the garage into a fun family play room for the children to keep all their toys – it will mean less mess and clutter in the house and will appeal to parents and children alike!

Once you have your ideas, do your homework and research what it will mean – do you need power, insulation, heating to be installed? Do you need planning permission for any of the ideas and plans you have – it’s always better to be on the safe side. There can be no doubt that modernising your garage and creating extra useable space will add value to your home in the long run, if done properly. 

Repurposing your garage can be problematic: dealing with insulation, cold and unsightly concrete floor can be quite unwelcoming. A convenient solution is to install garage floor tiles in your garage, to quickly and efficiently create an insulated floor. The garage floor tiles come in different colours, so you can create your own patter or room division scheme. This can be an extremely practical update to your garage, as you can place your washing machine or tumble dryer with no problem, as these tiles are highly durable and weight bearing. A great advantage of using garage tiles to repurpose your garage, storage room or attic is the fact that you can easily clean, replace and remove them. You can take them with you if you ever decide to move.