Now is the time to consider putting your outdoor spaces to good use. The weather is slowly starting to improve, so there are enough dry days to get out into the garden. One of the first tasks you need to do is repairs. The winter can damage fencing and bring debris into the garden. Guttering needs clearing out, and the windows overlooking the garden should be thoroughly cleaned.

You’ll need several dry days to get the wood in your garden back into tip top shape. Fencing, decking and wooden railing needs to be sanded and stained every year to protect it from the effects of the sun and the rain. If you look after it well enough, it could last you for ten years or more. Tidying it up also makes the space look more attractive, ready for your guests.

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After a few years, patios can begin to look tired and dirty. Most of us like to use the patio area for dining. But even if you’re buying brand new dining sets, you’ll not be able to cover up the horrors of old patio slabs. Patios that are freshly installed look good, and they can even increase the value of your home. Best of all, they provide an attractive, solid surface for entertaining your friends and family.
Paving around your garden should lead to the different areas you have there. You may have a garage or a shed at one end of the garden. Perhaps you have a pergola or arbor to the other. Many people are growing their own fruit and vegetables at home nowadays. Whatever you have in your garden, paving and pathways should lead your guests on a wonderful tour.
You might be ready to completely landscape your garden for a fresh start. This opens up a wealth of opportunities to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space. You could provide a safe children’s play area with an artificial grass surface. There may be an area for the dog to play in. Perhaps you also need a veggie patch. Add some planting areas around the edges of your outdoor space. Now you’re left with a beautifully sculptured area in the middle. This could be your new entertaining area.

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You may choose to install a hot tub or even a pool in your garden. It can be a good idea to gate these areas to prevent pets or children getting hurt. A separate dining and seating area can also be a great idea. One area is for enjoying meals with family and friends. The other is for lounging about in the sun and enjoying your beautiful new garden. Perhaps you have a small Zen garden or decked area to enjoy meditating or working out?

Your garden could be the perfect outdoor room you’ve always dreamed of. Start by sketching some rough ideas. See how much you can fit in. You can always take things out to make more space for the things you want to prioritise. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your garden this summer. Let’s get started!